Best Yoga Trapeze Swing and Hammock for Home Use

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AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Hammock Yoga SwingIf you’re already a yoga regular and comfortable with the more advanced yoga exercises, it may be time to try aerial yoga. You may have already heard about it or your club may already have a class that incorporates it, but it’s a logical next step for advanced yoga practitioners. Aerial yoga makes use of a yoga swing-like device that you use to hang from in various poses that help strengthen your muscles and spine. In order to not fall off or to do yoga poses in the air, you have to engage a variety of muscles, which keeps you fit and toned. The best yoga trapeze swing and hammock for home use should be just like any you’d use in your yoga studio class and be strong enough to hold a heavy person while being versatile enough to allow you to practice a variety of poses.

Another benefit you get from doing aerial yoga at home is from hanging upside down. For back pain or spine issues, inversion therapy is often recommended, as the traction is helpful in straightening your spine and improving posture. You will be able to focus on decompressing spinal discs that make have been injured over time. Inversion therapy involves lying on your back with your head much lower than your feet. Instead of doing it on an inversion table, which is too large for most homes, you could instead use a yoga inversion sling. The natural body weight traction that is produced is more comfortable than traditional traction methods.

Our yoga swing reviews will help you choose the best one for your needs, but if the choices are not enough for you, here is a larger range for you to choose from. First let us explain what exactly a yoga trapeze swing/hammock is and we’ll later tell you how to install a yoga hammock at home, along with a video.



What is a Yoga Swing?

A yoga swing is also called a yoga trapeze swing or yoga hammock or yoga inversion swing. All these various names describe what you can do with this contraption. It is a swing made of several pieces of rope, strong fabric, carabiner clips and handles. It hangs from the ceiling from two sets of D-ring hooks or a beam, or in a doorway by a beam. The ropes attach to the beam or hooks and are adjustable for height. The two vertical arms of the swing are pieces of fabric that feature adjustable clips from which a set of handles are attached. The main part of the swing is another piece of fabric that cradles your bottom when you sit on it just like on a swing. However, you can also use it to support you in front on your pelvis or by the back of your knees, etc., depending on the poses you try. You use any of the multiple handles on the vertical arms to hold on.

A few yoga swings don’t come with the vertical arms and handles and are more like a hammocks, in that it just has a single but very wide and long swath of fabric. You just hang this hammock from the ceiling by its two ends and it can support more of you than just your bottom.

You can do seated, horizontal or upside down poses, depending on your ability. The more confident and stable you become, the harder the poses can be. The hardest trapeze-like movements require you to work every stabilizing muscle in your body, so if you do aerial yoga regularly, you will be wonderfully toned in no time. Yoga with hammocks won’t have handles at different heights to help you while doing horizontal poses, so be careful to choose a yoga swing type that comes with the vertical arms and handles if these are more suitable for you.


Compare the Best Yoga Swings

ProductRating (out of 5)Maximum weight testedPrice
YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze4.7600 lbs$$$$
AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Hammock Yoga Swing4.4660 lbs$$
Wing Aerial Yoga Swing Inversion Sling Trapeze4.3300 lbs$$$$
EuroSports High Load Capacity Aerial Yoga Swing4.6450 lbs$$$
Wellsem Deluxe Pilates Yoga Flying Swing4.52000 lbs$$$
YogaBody Yoga Trapeze Stand5.0600 lbs$$$$$


Best Aerial Yoga Hammock For Home Use

YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze

YOGABODY Naturals Yoga TrapezePerhaps the best yoga swing on the market is made by YOGABODY Naturals. It is available in a few different colors and is also used in many yoga studios everywhere. The main sling and two vertical slings are made of parachute fabric and can withstand 600 lbs of weight. The 4 carabiner clips and two knotted ropes are rock climber-grade, and the 6 strong rubber grip handles (3 for each arm) are comfortable to use. All of these come in a handy drawstring bag.

This trapeze swing great for yoga and is also good for inversion therapy that will relieve back pain. Passive, inverted backbends done on the swing can be safely held for a long time without fatigue. This product creates natural traction for the body without overextending or overexerting limbs or the back. All you need to do is stretch from head to ankles and hold poses safely and for longer periods of time. It is also flexible in use, as the width is about 1.5 metres when pulled open fully in the middle.

For the sake of quality assurance, a 10-year warranty is provided by YOGABODY Naturals to guarantee the product will live up to its reputation. Anything will be replaced, including a total replacement, if the product should fail in some way.

Setup of the yoga trapeze only takes a few minutes. Scroll down for a detailed video on how to setup the YogaBody Trapeze. Taking the time to adjust how this yoga swing fits your body is of utmost importance for the correct fit. This will also minimize any issues with comfort or risk of injury.

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AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Hammock Yoga Swing

AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Hammock Yoga SwingAGPtEK’s Deluxe Aerial Hammock doubles as a yoga swing. Setting up this product is easy from beginning to end, and even someone new to using yoga swings can perform the setup in minutes. There are YouTube videos available for showing how to mount this yoga swing to an exposed beam or a tree. It can also be mounted to a door mount bar. The material is made out of high quality, polyester taffeta that will not cause bruises, rashes, skin burns, or stiffness.

The two vertical arms are each made of 3 training belts and three foam handles, are completely independent from the main sling, and can be removed if you don’t need them. If you want to install them separately from the main sling, you can do so with the 4 carabiner hooks that can hang from a ceiling beam or from 4 ceiling hooks. This package does not come with rope to suspend the swing from. You will either have to buy the rope separately and learn how to knot it properly or the swing will be quite high off the ground if installed directly from the ceiling hooks or beam.

Its weight capacity is 660 lbs and it comes in three colors: black, pink, and blue. The entire package weighs just 1200 grams.

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Wing Aerial Yoga Swing Inversion Sling Trapeze

Wing Aerial Yoga Swing Inversion Sling TrapezeWing Outdoors provides the Aerial Yoga Swing for inversion therapy and aerial yoga and acts similarly to any other yoga trapeze. It comes with two daisy chains that can be adjusted up to 70 inches to give you plenty of options for height adjustment of the swing, which consists of two vertical arms that come with 3 sets of adjustable handles, and the main sling with movable clips to adjust the width of the sling where you sit. It also comes with a free carry bag for easy transport. Travel is also made easy because it only weighs 2.9 pounds, but it can hold up to 300 pounds. The fabric of this swing is made of high-quality parachute material that will not break down easily.

Wing Outdoors backs their product 100 percent. If you ever have a problem with this yoga swing, then you can return it and have your money back. Some users have reported that they didn’t receive all the parts that they were supposed to. As always, YouTube is the source for setup instructions.

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Wellsem Deluxe Pilates Yoga Flying Swing Aerial Yoga Hammock

Wellsem Deluxe Pilates Yoga Flying Swing Aerial Yoga HammockWellsem is also known for making great yoga swings and this may be the best aerial yoga hammock kit available today. This package only includes the silk hammock portion of the swing and does not come with any straps, arms or handles for use. It has a 2000 pound weight capacity because it is made with silk, which also has just the right amount of stretch. It is a wide set hammock, measuring 5 m x 2.8 m, and will allow for more than one person to use it at a time and it can also be used as a proper hammock for relaxing in. An added benefit is the array of colors this product comes in so that it will fit the design of any home. Because of the lack of arms to support you, using this swing does require you to be more aware of your surroundings.

It is important to note that the hanging anchor, which needs to be purchased separately, needs to be strong enough to hold the 2000 pound capacity while allowing you to float off the floor.

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Best Yoga Swing Stand

YogaBody Yoga Trapeze Stand

YogaBody Yoga Trapeze StandThere is only one way to hold up a yoga swing outdoors, and that is with a reliable stand. It is also good for indoor use if you don’t want to drill holes anywhere.

Going with a durable aerial yoga stand, like this one by YOGABODY will make sure falls do not happen. It can be set up in three easy steps by yourself, as it does not require a great deal of strength or know-how, but a helping hand will make short work of it. It does come with a one-year warranty. It will allow for yoga swings and also other fitness accessories, like Olympic rings and heavy bags, without showing weakness or being wobbly, as it is made of treated aluminum alloy and can support up to 600 lbs in weight.

The dimensions of the stand is 9.8 ft by 9.8 ft by 9.8 ft. You’ll need a step stool or ladder to install the topmost part of the stand.

Click here to buy the YogaBody Yoga Trapeze Stand.


How to Hang a Yoga Swing

Aerial yoga equipment for home use includes installation hardware. You can hang an aerial yoga swing from a ceiling or in a doorway. For the former installation, you either need a ceiling beam or two strong D-ring metal hooks that you screw into the ceiling. The distance between the hooks or specific spots on the beam is determined by your shoulder width. This is best measured by standing right under the spot you want the swing to be and pointing your arms straight up by slightly slanted outwards. Where you fingers point are the spots where you find the D-rings or where you mark the point that you attach the swing’s ropes or the yoga hammocks ends from.

If you’re installing the swing in a doorway, you’ll need to first install a rod across the doorway close to the top. Try to pick a wide doorway so that you get some leeway to swing at an angle.

If your yoga trapeze comes with ropes and arms/straps in addition to the sling, then first attach and adjust the length of the ropes to the beam or rings. The ropes will have carabiner clips to attach to the swing’s sling clips and vertical arms clips, so go ahead and first attach the yoga hanging straps or arms. You can adjust the positioning of the handles along the arms now but finer adjustments can be done later as well. Next attach the sling clips to the ropes. You can now check if the height of the bottom of the sling is at the right height of the floor. Most beginners will like it to be as close to the floor as possible, but a popular position is to have it at your waist height. This allows you to get into the sling easily and gives you enough room off the floor to try a variety of poses. You can adjust the ropes to get the height that you want.

Next, you can adjust the clips on the sling to broaden or narrow the seat. If you want the swing to be more like a hammock, then push the clips upwards towards the ends of the sling so that the seat becomes broad. Push them downwards to create a narrower seat.

Once you’ve set up the entire contraption properly, it’s time to get on it and start your yoga exercises!

If you don’t already have a ceiling beam, hooks or doorway support rod to hang the swing from, you’ll need to buy them separately. We suggest the YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze Door Frame Bar for doorway use and the Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks Set Of 2 for ceiling use.


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