Best Spin Bike for a Short Person [2022]

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Best Spin Bikes for Short PeopleFinding the best spin bike for a short person should be straightforward. You can find any popular fitness magazine with a bunch of indoor exercise cycles on some page or the other, right? Well, not exactly. The challenge is that most indoor exercise cycles are designed for men and women that are medium to tall. It is assumed that you have a certain minimum leg, torso, and arm length. If any of these are shorter or you’re just a petite person overall, you’ll struggle to reach the handlebars and pedals and could strain your muscles over time, not to mention performing at a less than optimal level.

For a person under 5’5”, the choices are surprisingly limited and it’s downright frustrating if you’re under 5’2”. Does it mean you can’t sweat it out properly on a spin bike? Absolutely not! Through thorough research, we found the spin bikes that are best for short people. All of them have enough adjustment points with a manufacturer-recommended minimum inseam no higher than 28″ to make your workout comfortable. If you and everyone else in your family are of average height you might want to take a look at the best spin bikes for home use overall.

Keep in mind that back trouble is a common issue for you, you may be better off getting your exercise on a recumbent exercise bike for a short person.

Unfortunately, many of our picks in this article aren’t suitable for people over 6 feet. In that case, you’ll need to choose from our upright and spin bikes for tall people.


Top pick for spin bike for a short person

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Belt driven

  • Weight Capacity: 270 pounds

  • Inseam: 25" - 35"

  • 2-way adjustable handlebar and 4-way adjustable seat

  • 35 lb flywheel
  • Runner up

    Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling Bike

    Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Chain driven

  • Weight Capacity: 280 pounds

  • Inseam: 25.6" - 35.4"

  • 2-way adjustable handlebar and 4-way adjustable seat

  • 35 lb flywheel
  • Budget pick

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Indoor Cycling Bike

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Belt driven

  • Weight Capacity: 265 pounds

  • Inseam: 27" - 36"

  • 2-way adjustable handlebar and 4-way adjustable seat

  • 40 lb flywheel

    Reviews for Best Indoor Spin Bike for Short Person

    YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

    YOSUDA Indoor Cycling BikeEasy to maintain and durable, the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bicycle takes the prize for best indoor cycling bike for a short person. It uses a belt drive to offer a smooth ride. Designed to allow cyclists to exceed the preset limits, this cycling bike includes a sturdy steel frame and silent operation. You can customize this bike in several ways making it a good choice for shorter individuals and even kids to use.

    Using a 35-pound flywheel, you get a smoother ride, while the transportation wheel makes it easy to move. You can adjust the handlebars either up or down while the seat can be adjusted four different ways providing plenty of options to get the right fit, no matter how tall you are or how short your arms are. The minimum inseam is 25 inches and the maximum is 35 inches, so the design can easily work with a shorter person.

    Featuring a maximum weight of 270 pounds, the Yosuda Bike is very stable and provides friction-based resistance that you can adjust. The continuous infinite resistance lets you simulate a real road riding experience thanks to the M10 steel used in construction, which makes it more rigid – perfect for high resistance cycling. The digital monitor will also help you keep track of your odometer, calories burned, distance, speed, and time, so you can keep track of your progress easily.

    The brake pad uses wool to reduce noise while also increasing its durability. You even get an extra one for when the original wears out. It engages when you pull the brake lever to stop. The noise from the friction is barely noticeable and you can listen to music or watch TV at the same time.

    Durable cage pedals made of aluminum alloy keep your feet comfortable and safe by preventing them from slipping while also providing support. The bottle holder is handy for keeping water close by while the wheels make it easier to move when necessary.

    Wondering if you can use the Peloton app with this bike? You can if you do some conversions to map the metrics, like multiplying your MPH speed by 6 to get the equivalent cadence (RPM). Once you get used to it, you can follow along with the classes.

    Assembly is easy and shouldn’t take more than an hour. There’s a Youtube video by the manufacturer that you can watch.


    • The bike offers great resistance and the wheel runs smoothly
    • This model has a solid build and doesn’t wobble
    • The Yosuda is easy to assemble and adjust to your comfort level



    • You can’t set specific resistance levels
    • The seat isn’t very comfortable


    Pooboo L-NOW D525 Indoor Cycling Bike

    Pooboo L-NOW D525 Indoor Cycling BikeFeaturing an adjustable seat and handlebars, the Pooboo L-NOW D525 Indoor Cycling Bike is a totally customizable experience that offers the best user compatibility and comfort experience. For shorter riders, you will appreciate the opportunity to adjust so much of this bike to improve your overall experience. This heavy-duty steel frame with belt drive has the durability you want and can handle user weight up to 330 lbs.

    This is an easy to assemble exercise bike that is also easy to repair. The flywheel makes pedaling smooth and super stable. The multi-functional LCD display provides distance, speed, and time while the media holder is designed to provide you with entertainment from a phone or tablet as you exercise. You can also easily adjust the resistance of the bike by using the knob to decrease or increase your workout’s intensity, however, there is no way to see what level of resistance you’re at. Pushing the knob down brings the cycle to a stop.

    The multi-grip handlebar allows for smooth transitions on and off the seat while still pedaling. There’s an integrated pulse monitor to check your heart rate but the cable to connect it to the monitor is a bit short. The handlebar can also be adjusted down or up to adapt to the rider and the riding condition, which provides added comfort. The seat can be adjusted up or down and fore or aft. It has to be tightened before use or it will spin or rock. Shorter people appreciate how easy it is to use and find that the lowest setting works the best if you have shorter legs. The inseam range here is 25″ to 39″. Even older children have not had an issue riding this bike.

    Equipped with a water bottle holder, you can easily stay hydrated as you work out. The Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike comes with wheels that let you effortlessly move the cycling bike by just tilting it and rolling it where you want it to go. Plus, the cage pedals have covers you can adjust, which is great for people with small feet, to stop them from slipping and also provide support as you pedal.


    • Very easy to adjust for shorter legs and can even be ridden by kids
    • The seat is quite comfortable with shock-absorbent springs underneath
    • Tablet or phone holder makes it easy to watch TV while exercising
    • Takes just 30 minutes to assemble



    • Monitor cable is quite short
    • Resistance adjustment is continuous and cannot be set to levels


    Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling Bike

    Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling BikeErgonomic and solid, the Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling Bike has a high-quality design. Created to become an extension of your body, this indoor cycling bike for your home gym comes with a year of free replacement on any part. This is an affordable and convenient way to burn calories and provide motivation to keep working out.

    The Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike has a user-friendly design that includes a digital monitor that helps you keep track of distance, speed, time, and calories burned so you can keep up your workout pace. The felt pad resistance is easily adjusted with a simple to twist knob allowing you to make your workout more challenging. It has markings to denote levels but no numbers. You can use the Peloton app with it but you have to use your best estimate to select matching resistance levels.

    It also includes caged foot pedals to make sure your foot stays safely and comfortably on the pedal. However, if you prefer clip ons, they can be easily changed. The seat is a regular seat and not very comfortable, but if you ask, they’ll send you a wider cushioned one. You can even replace the seat with a proper bicycle seat if you want. The media holder is capable of supporting large notebooks, tablets, books, and mobile phones.

    This chain drive indoor bike is completely adjustable, so it can fit most users no matter what your height or arm length is. The four-way adjustable seat features leather padding and can move up and down as well as back and forward. Easily adjust the seat to the proximity and height that you need the handlebars to be for your comfort. Plus, the handlebars can be adjusted down or up to reach the height that you need to keep your arms comfortable. The supported range of inseam is 25.6″ – 35.4″. One customer said that it’s good even for a 4’10” person!

    The Joroto has a maximum user weight of 280 pounds and uses a 35-pound flywheel to provide a smooth workout experience. The solid build comes from a stable triangle design, thick frame, and high-quality flywheel. The 50 mm thick tubing gives the bike more stability, plus the abrasive spray paint gives the bike a more textured look.

    The included transport wheels make it easy to store or relocate when needed.


    • Moving this bike around your house is easy
    • This bike offers a quiet ride even though it is a chain drive
    • Adjustments for your height are easy
    • You can have pretty intense workouts on this bike thanks to its solid design



    • The seat is not very comfortable but you can ask for their more comfortable seat to be sent to you at no additional cost.
    • This bike is hard to assemble on your own


    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203 Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203 Chain Drive Indoor Cycling BikeOffering everything you need to have a good cardio workout, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1203 Chain Drive Indoor Bike is comfortable, durable, and effective. This stationary bike is quiet and smooth, plus it has an ergonomic design for optimal ease and comfort. You can easily adjust the saddle horizontally and vertically. With a seat inseam of 26 to 32 inches, this is a very good indoor bike for a short person. However, the handlebar is not adjustable and anyone taller than 6′ or heavier than 220 lbs should look elsewhere.

    This small spin bike has an easy-to-reach knob that allows you to remove or add resistance, while the brake pad lets you stop the flywheel in just seconds during a high intensity workout. The caged pedals stop your feet from slipping while providing more support as you pedal.

    This chain-drive cycling bike also features a digital monitor that tracks calories, time, distance, and speed. The 22 lb flywheel and chain drive keep the momentum going for long periods of time. The multi-grip handlebars are comfortable and padded with foam rubber.

    The floor levelers provide stability and comfort on uneven surfaces. It also features wheels that allow you to easily move the bike when needed.


    • This bike is very easy to assemble and comes with screws already in the holes
    • The size and weight of the machine makes it easy to move
    • Good value for money



    • The computer on it is basic
    • The seat cannot be swapped for a different one
    • Not for those 6′ and above
    • The handlebar is not adjustable


    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling BikeCreating a customized workout, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Bike offers easy, micro-adjustable resistance. If you’re looking for something with a bit more heft and a belt drive instead of chain drive, this is it. It also comes with a fully adjustable handlebar and seat that includes high-density padding that is ideal for shorter users. Plus, the LCD monitor displays your calories, distance, speed, and time.

    Equipped with a quick stop lever, the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bike also allows you to track all your important fitness stats and lets you create momentum faster and smoother with a heavy-duty 40-pound flywheel. The adjustable inseam has a minimum height of 27 inches, which works well for shorter individuals.

    The adjustable resistance is easy to reach and allows you to press down on the brake when needed. The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bike offers a heavy-duty steel frame and includes a bottle holder so you can stay hydrated.

    All the other features are similar to the SF-B1203 model above.


    • Shorter people have found it easy to adjust and use
    • This bike is great for spin classes
    • This model is easy to assemble and well-made



    • Basic display
    • The seat is not very comfortable and feels too wide for some users


    PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Exercise Bike

    PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Exercise BikeWith an optimized design, the PYhigh Indoor Cycling Bike features a minimum inseam of 25 inches and an extended seat post. This means that shorter individuals can easily use this bike, plus it can support up to 280 pounds. Featuring easy adjustments, you can move the seat four different ways and the handlebars in two ways for maximum comfort.

    Equipped with an extra wide seat cushion, the PYhigh Exercise Bike guarantees that you will be comfortable as you workout, however taller individuals may not be as comfortable as shorter riders. It also includes a special knob that will fix issues with the bike to stop the handlebar from wobbling. And the 3rd generation tension rod provides enough resistance for long workouts.

    The 35-pound bidirectional flywheel adds stability using felt pads for resistance that you can adjust. Using a solid leather transmission belt, this bike stays steadier, so you can have a longer riding time.

    The PYhigh Indoor Cycling Bike also comes with a monitor display that allows you to track calories burned, distance, speed, time, and odometer as you workout. Although the display defaults to kilometers and kph, you can switch them to miles and mph. The caged foot pedals are made with aluminum alloy and are adjustable to stop your feet from slipping. And it comes with a bottle holder, so you stay hydrated during your workout.


    • This cycling bike is a great value with straight forward directions
    • This bike is sturdy and solid with a smooth ride
    • Comfortable seat



    • Some customers have found it difficult to tighten nuts and bolts


    MaxKare Stationary Bike

    MaxKare Stationary BikeEasy to maintain, the MaxKare Stationary Bike is durable and stable featuring a silent and smooth belt drive and strong steel frame. This bike also includes a bottle holder and LCD display that helps you keep track of your heart rate, odometer, and calories. It also features wheels that allow you to easily move the bike to a new location.

    Made with high-quality steel and accurate welding, the MaxKare Stationary Bike will not wobble. Equipped with anti-slip cage pedals, you can feel safe as you work out. Plus, the four-way adjustable handles and four-way adjustable seat will accommodate shorter individuals with a customized ride. Users between the heights of 4 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 3 inches will find it comfortable. Its weight capacity is a very generous 330 lbs. The seat is softly padded and allows you to have a more comfortable experience.

    The MaxKare Stationary Bike includes adjustable resistance allowing you to choose the difficulty level you prefer while the bidirectional 44 lbs flywheel offers stability over simulated real road cycling. Along with a mobile phone holder, the LCD Monitor keeps track of your vitals while the comfortable, ergonomically designed seat cushion is ideal for training or cycling for long periods of time.


    • The design is focused on comfort for shorter individuals
    • This bike is easy to adjust and is well-balanced
    • This model offers a smooth and quiet ride



    • The pedals can come off if not assembled well
    • The computer isn’t very accurate with some of its numbers


    How to Measure Inseam for a Spin Bike

    When riding a spin bike, your best performance will happen if your knee is flexed between 25 and 35 degrees at the pedal’s lowest point. It is not ergonomic if your knee straightens completely, which is what will happen if your inseam is too short for the bike.

    Therefore, it is vital that a spin bike’s inseam range covers your own inseam length. Most manufacturers will state the range in inches but if they don’t, it’s fairly easy to measure it yourself.

    To measure the indoor cycle’s inseam range, set its seat to its highest point first and the pedal at its lowest point, which should be directly under the seat. Measure from the top of the seat to the top of the pedal. Then set the seat to its lowest height and repeat. These measurements are the bike’s inseam range.

    Now it’s time to measure your own inseam. You just need to measure from the upper inner thigh down to the heel of the foot. If the length falls somewhere between the bike’s inseam range, it will be a good fit for you!



    What height should a spin bike be?

    There are two steps to setting your bike up correctly. Before you get on, stand by the side of the saddle and make sure it is at hip height. Then, get on the saddle and position the pedals so that one foot is right under your knee while bent, while at the same time, the other foot is under the other knee while it’s straight but slightly bent. At this position, one pedal is at 3 o’clock and the other is at 6 o’clock.

    Can you sit upright on a spin bike?

    Yes, you can sit more upright on a spin bike, and in fact, some users may feel more comfortable this way if back or shoulder pain is a concern. When leaning low and forwards on a spin bike, you have to engage your core to ensure that you don’t round your back and don’t hunch your shoulders. This gives your abs a workout too but may be difficult for some users to do for more than a few minutes. To avoid this, you can set your handlebar as high as it will go so that you can ride more upright with your spine lengthened.

    Where should you sit on a bike saddle?

    Where you should sit on a spin bike saddle depends a lot on power while pedaling. When doing sprints, you’ll naturally sacrifice a little on comfort and balance and sit in quite a forward position. However, if you’re mostly just rolling along or just increasing resistance, you’re better off positioning your sit bones on the wider part of the saddle for long-term comfort. Before you start you should set up the bike properly and ensure that the seat and handlebar are adjusted for your body so that you don’t feel strain in your back and shoulders when sitting on the wide part of the seat.

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