Best Resistance Bands on the Market

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If you have never used resistance bands for strength straining, you’re missing out! They are thick elastic tubing bands that provide resistance when you stretch them so you can exercise various muscles by just varying the positioning of them on your body and trying various movements to work those muscles. The best resistance bands on the market are typically found in one of two forms – a single band with handles or carabiner clips on each end, or a closed loop.

Several bands may come in a set with each in a different color, or you can buy each colored band or loop individually. The colors indicate different levels of resistance offered, so anyone from a beginner to an expert can use them. You can also use two or more together for an even more intense or complex workout. Our best resistance bands reviews cover both types of bands and we’ll tell you which ones are best for which uses.

Of course, you may like more old school upper body training alone and for that we suggest a pair of adjustable dumbbells or a suspension trainer kit that uses your own body weight for resistance.


Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be used to not only work your arms but also your legs. You can increase or decrease resistance by choosing a different weighted band or mixing and matching two or more bands. You can increase or decrease the number of repetitions of an exercise too. This way you can have quite a full workout routine.

For example, loop bands can go around your ankles with your feet slightly apart and you move one leg back while keeping the other in place. The band creates resistance like you’re you’re pulling a weight so you can feel the burn in the back of your leg. Similarly, you can hold a band by the handles and stretch it vertically in front of you by holding down the middle with your feet to work the biceps.

Certain bands come with detachable carabiner clips at one end to anchor them to a solid fixture while you pull away using handles at the other end. This kind of exercise also works the chest. These kinds of bands can be attached to almost anything, like a rebounder when you’re jumping for a cardio workout. There are numerous types of exercises that you can try and most bands and sets come with instructions and ideas for you to try.

Resistance bands can also be good as assists for pull ups. If you’re a beginner, you know that doing pull ups is hard. So to help you out, some bands are especially good at assisting you by giving you a bit of a leg up. You anchor one end of a loop band to the pull up bar and you stretch and stand on the other end. As you pull yourself up, the band helps you while it slackens.

Some types of resistance bands are also excellent for physical therapy and patient rehabilitation, as muscles need to regain strength after injury or surgery. Resistance bands for shoulder rehab, knee rehab and more provide a great way to slowly build those muscles and even exercise your joints.

Another benefit of this type of equipment is its light weight. Unlike dumb bells, these are much easier to travel with so you don’t have to abandon your fitness routine if you have them with you.


What are the Best Resistance bands to Buy?

Here is what you should look for when choosing a resistance band or set:

  • Bands that are designed for fitness usually give you higher weighted resistance than those meant more for physical therapy. They are also a lot longer and have open ends with handles and clips attached. Therapy bands can also be used for strength training but they are usually closed loop type and shorter. These work well looped under a slant board if you want to do arm strengthening while you also do some Achilles and calf stretching. Make sure you choose the right one for your needs. You may prefer a set that comes with 4 or more bands, each of varying intensity, so you can start with the lowest weighted one and work up from there. Some bands have to be purchased individually, so you can choose one or more. Most bands can be combined for more variation.

  • If choosing fitness type bands, these are workout bands with handles so look for comfortable handle grips. Grips with soft wraps are best to prevent calluses from forming on your palms after many repetitions.

  • The bands must be durable and should retain their elasticity over time. Some bands get longer after a while so you lose resistance.

    Best Resistance Bands for Strength Training

    Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

    Black Mountain Products Resistance BandsThe Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set is the best of the best when it comes to an all-inclusive and high-quality strength training product. The set’s five different color 48-inch bands allow you to work up to the higher weights or even stack bands for a total resistance of 75 lbs. Individually, the bands are rated at 2-4 lbs., 4-6 lbs., 10-12 lbs., 15-20 lbs., and 25-30 lbs.

    The set comes with everything you’ll need to start your strength training, which is far more convenient and cost-effective than buying everything individually. Five exercise bands with handles that are detachable, a door anchor, an ankle strap, a carrying bag, exercise chart and a starter’s guide are all included in this set. If you use more than one band together, you don’t need multiple handles to hold them. Their stackable feature allows you to attach all of them to just the one set of handles.

    What makes the resistance bands in this set so great is their durability and versatility. Made from a powerful blend of natural and synthetic rubber and featuring strong nylon stitching at all ends, these bands experience better longevity than most others on the market. You can rely on them to do their job without injuring you or breaking. Short and tall people can use them for all exercises. Even those over 6 feet can do overhead exercises while anchoring a band with their feet. Additionally, the 200 lbs. rated metal hooks at the end of each band allow for the attachment of the included door anchor, soft-grip handles or ankle straps.

    All in all, this is a good value lightweight set. If there’s one thing we should caution you about is that you should not put too much strain on the bands and pick the right one for the exercise you want to do, as a few customers report that one or the other has snapped when they did.

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    BODYLASTICS Resistance Bands

    BODYLASTICS Resistance BandsLike the option listed above, the Bodylastics resistance bands also come in one convenient set. This set includes six bands rated at 3 lbs., 5 lbs., 8 lbs., 13 lbs., 19 lbs., and 23 lbs., two handles, two ankle straps, a door anchor, a smaller anywhere anchor, a carrying bag, and instructions. This set is great for those who want more of a challenge, because the bands are stackable up to 142 lbs. Each band is 48 inches long and features metal clips at each end for handles and ankle straps to be attached as needed.

    It’s normal to worry about resistance bands snapping, but the Bodylastics bands are designed specifically with safety and durability in mind. Each of the six bands has an internal SafeGuard cord which prevents overstretching and snapping of the band. Additionally, each of the bands has been constructed with the strongest dipped latex that is resistant to rips. Even if the latex did rip, the internal safety cord would keep the band from snapping back and injuring you in any way.

    The handles on these bands, while resistant to slipping, are not the most comfortable option. They are hard rubber without any additional padding or cushion grip. Fortunately, the metal hooks allow for them to be removed and replaced with different and softer handles if you wish. This is a form of versatility that many other resistance bands on the market don’t offer. It also allows for the band to still be completely usable if a handle should somehow break.

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    Best Resistance Bands for Pull Ups

    WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band

    WODFitters Pull Up BandsFor those of you who want to do pull ups but find it hard at first, you can still get yourself a pull up bar and let the WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Band aid you. Unlike the sets mentioned above, this band is sold individually or as a set. Several weight options are available, so simply choose the resistance that best suits your weight and arm strength, or purchase a few different ones, or get a set of 4 bands if you like to stack your bands for different workouts. Available resistance weights to choose from are 10-35 lbs., 30-60 lbs., 40-80 lbs., 50-125 lbs., and 65-175 lbs. The weights are higher than the average resistance band because they are especially designed to hold your body weight. These are the top rated resistance bands for this purpose.

    You can use a WODFitters band as a regular resistance band or to assist with pull-ups by having you place your feet in one end of the band while the other end is looped around the pull up bar. If you can’t do pull ups on your own but want to start, you can choose either the green or the blue band because they are the ones with the strongest resistance to support you. You can also do the same with two bands. If you’re looking to start strength straining with them, then you should start with the red or black one, which are the lightest. This versatility make them the best exercise resistance loop bands to buy.

    The rubber material and thickness of the band lessens the likelihood of your foot slipping and the band hitting you. They were made to be durable and maintain elasticity, even with everyday use. Still, these bands do not feature an inner cord like the tube bands above do, so check every so often for small tears or rips just to be safe. If they were to break completely during use, there is a possibility of them snapping back and injuring you in some way.

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    Physical Therapy Stretch Bands

    Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands

    Fit Simplify Resistance BandsIf you’re looking for the best resistance bands for physical therapy purposes, then these bands from Fit Simply are a great option. They are sold individually in light, extra light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy weight resistances, and each band is a 12-inch long loop that is 2 inches thick. They each can stretch up to 3 to 4 times their length. This length is perfect for physical therapy, as it provides just enough of a challenge to target injured muscles. These bands are flat rather than corded, making them more comfortable against the body during physical therapy exercises and keeping them from rolling up rather than remaining firmly in place. They can also be used for floor exercises, such as lunges, stretching, and even yoga. They look like the Wodfitters bands above, but they’re much shorter and not designed for pull ups or chin ups.

    Because these bands are designed in loops, they do not have handles or metal clips. This means that they are great for physical therapy resistance on your legs and arms, because you can anchor them to your own body without them slipping or snapping off. The natural latex material is free from toxins that might irritate the skin, and they shouldn’t cause chaffing during use. These loops bands are durable and made to be heavy-duty, so the manufacturer has given them a lifetime guarantee. You also get a carrying bag for travel.

    Click here for the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


    Sport2People Physical Therapy Equipment

    Sport2People Physical Therapy BandsThe Sport2People Physical Therapy resistance bands are very similar to the bands made by Fit Simply. They are flat latex designed in a loop and are about 12″ long. These bands are sold as a set in extra light, light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy resistance weights. These allow for you to work your way up to a resistance that is comfortable for you. Additionally, it allows for the bands to be used together to create an even greater amount of resistance during physical therapy or working out.

    These bands are extremely durable and built to last, but because they are not that thick you should check them every so often for tears. The bands come with a small black mesh carrying bag, so you can take them with you to the gym or on-the-go. Secondly, your purchase gives you access to Sport2People’s e-book, which gives great exercise routines and advice in addition to instructional material.

    Click here for the Sport2People Physical Therapy Equipment

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