Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for a Tall Person – 2022 Reviews

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Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Exercise BikeWhile recumbent bikes are quite good at allowing for a lot of seat adjustment backwards and forwards, if you’re 6’3″ or taller, you might still find that many models don’t accommodate your long inseam. This means that you can’t get full leg extension even at the farthest setting from the front. With the best recumbent exercise bike for a tall person, you’ll be able to properly exercise your leg muscles and get a thorough workout at home, as the distance between the seat and the pedals can be adjusted more than other models.

Although an exercise bike for a tall person can sometimes cost more because it naturally has to be large enough, there are a few models that cost less than $500. For those with a bigger budget, you’ll be able to also get a good number of extras, like more levels of resistance, ability to save multiple user profiles, and a selection of more preset workouts for variety. We also have a best of list for short people looking for a recumbent bike. Our reviews below give you three budget options and three higher end ones to fit your tall frame and long inseam.

If you prefer to workout in a normal upright position, then we can also recommend some spin and upright exercise bikes for tall people.



Compare Best Recumbent Bikes for Tall People

ProductRating (out of 5)User height rangeLevels of resistancePreset ProgramsDimensionsMax. user capacityPrice
Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR4.55’2” to 6’5”8none48.5" x 24" x 46"400 lbs$
Marcy ME 7094.25’6” to 6’5”8none55.5" x 25" x 37.5"300 lbs$
Body Champ Magnetic4.45’5” to 6’5”161760" x 24.5" x 43"350 lbs$$
Schwinn M17 2704.45'3" to 6'6"252964" x 27" x 50"300 lbs$$$
Nautilus R6164.05'3" to 6'6"252964" x 27" x 50"300 lbs$$$
Diamondback 510SR4.15’3” to 6’6"162064'' x 23'' x 50''300 lbs$$$$


Under $500

Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise BikeThe Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR is a folding recumbent exercise bike that is designed for people up to 400lbs, and it is an excellent choice for its price range. In fact, it is also one of the best for anyone weighing over 300 lbs. It arrives unassembled, but it comes with easy to read instructions and all the tools needed to assemble it. This bike is designed to adjust for people’s height, and it can be adjusted to fit anyone who is 5’2” to 6’5”. However, this should be decided before assembling, because it can be difficult to adjust from the lowest setting to the highest setting after assembly.

This bike’s design is not completely that of a recumbent, as the seat does not move forward and backward on a base rail to adjust for your height. Instead, the unit is supported on an X-frame and the seat can be adjusted to sit higher or lower. This makes it easier for you to get on or off, a feature that is useful for seniors and rehabilitating patients. We have a few other recommendations of recumbent bikes for seniors.

This model has 8 distinct levels of tension through a magnetic control system, and it is designed to fold up easily, which makes it easy to store in any room. It has a large, easy to ready LCD computer display, and on the display, the following stats can be viewed: Calories burned, distance, speed, pulse, time, and odometer. All these are available on scan too. It does have a heart rate monitor, which reads through hand pulse grips.

The Exerpeutic GOLD 525BLR is known for being quiet and very strong and is surprisingly inexpensive, so it also makes our list of best recumbents that cost less than $200. Although it has a large cushioned seat and back rest, the back rest tends to cause the user to sweat a lot. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a towel handy or even place it over the back rest while working out.

The Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR is available on Amazon.

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise BikeThe Marcy ME 709 Recumbent exercise bike does feature a true recumbent design and is also a good one that costs less than $200, yet it is designed to work for taller people and hold up to 300 pounds ideally. It is easy to assemble and the instructions are straight forward. However, it has been reported that when adjusting the seat for multiple riders, it can take two people to adjust it correctly, so it’s best to buy it if only one person plans to use it. For riders that enjoy increasing their workout over time, this bike has a total of 8 preset resistances, and it can be adjusted with the use of an adjustable tension tightening knob.

As far as being able to move it, this bike has a set of wheels that makes it extremely easy to move from place to place, but it does not fold in any way.

The console is larger than most, and it displaces the following stats for the rider to keep track of: time, distance, speed, and calories. The one thing that it doesn’t display is heart rate. As far as comfort, it has a large seat and backrest, but it has been reported that it could use a headrest and padding to make it more comfortable. This bike is quiet. Although the pedals are comfortable to use, riders with larger feet may find the pedal straps a little narrow for their sneakers, but overall, it is excellent value for its price.

The Marcy ME 709 is available on Amazon.

Body Champ Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Body Champ Magnetic Recumbent BikeThe Body Champ Magnetic recumbent bike is an excellent choice for its price range. When it comes to assembly, it is very easy to do. Although it is easier with two people, it is OK to assemble alone; it just might take a little longer. This is a recumbent exercise bike for tall people only but weighing no more than 350 pounds. Generally, it is easily adjustable for anyone over 5’3” tall with a pillow behind the back, or for 5’5″ without.

This bike has a lot of extra perks to it. It has 16 resistance levels that are controlled by a magnetic adjustable device that is run with an A/C power adapter motor drive. The console is programmable with over 17 different training programs, designed to help in any sort of work out. This machine can monitor the rider’s heart rate as well, and the sensors for this feature are integrated into the hand grips, but the heart rate can be seen on the console monitor.

For the most part, this bike is quiet when used, but there have been reports of a small whining noise from the flywheel, when the rider tries to shift resistances mid-workout. It is designed with a comfortable back and seated cushion and can be used for hours in pure comfort. Although this device does not fold up, it is still easily moved. However, the power cord for the console is located at the front of the bike, which can cause some issues on where it can be plugged in. This problem can easily be solved with the use of an extension cord. This bike made our list of best recumbent exercise bikes that cost less than $500.

The Body Champ Magnetic is available on Amazon.


Under $1000

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise BikeIf you’re looking for a sturdy bike that can hold at least 300 pounds and come with extra features, the Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike is an excellent choice for its price range. It comes with a large LCD screen console that can offer an increased visibility to any programs that a rider might choose to use. It comes preset with 29 different programs and it can hold up to 4 different riders’ settings and goals, which is excellent for a larger household. It also allows riders to shift between 25 levels of resistance that is controlled by computer, which provides a wide range of workout options. Like other recumbent exercise bikes, it also can measure the rider’s heart rate through sensors in the hand grips.

Due to the frame of this bike, it is not able to fold down, but it is light enough that it is easy to be moved from place to place when needed. It comes with excellent instructions on how to assemble it and most of the parts come already together. This bike does come with the assembly manual, but the operating manual must be downloaded off the company’s website, which can be a little hassle, but nothing major. It is only the basic frame work that must be connected. After being put together, the seat can be adjusted to meet riders of various heights. It has a padded seat for extra comfort and a perforated seat back for ventilation to keep sweat to a minimum.

This bike also comes with a few luxury features like Bluetooth connectivity, charging USB ports, 3-speed fan, speakers, and even a media shelf. The Bluetooth feature lets you send the session’s data to your smartphone-based Schwinn Trainer app so you can track your progress over days and months. The app also syncs to MyFitnessPal.

The Schwinn M17 270 is available on Amazon.


Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R616 Recumbent BikeThe Nautilus R616 recumbent bike has proven that it is excellent for its price range and is very similar to the Schwinn M17 above but with a few more high end features. Upon arrival, it is easy to assemble. Due to the size of the bike, it can take a couple of hours to assemble, but the manual is straight forward. Once together, this bike does not fold up because of its size, but it does come with transport wheels, which makes it easy to move from room to room.

Once it is fully assembled, it has a dual track LCD display that has 2 LCD windows to show 13 different workout stats. Plus, up to four different riders can have their own profiles and choose between 25 levels of resistance and 29 in-built programs, which makes it great for a larger household. When it comes to measuring the rider’s heart rate, you have a choice between the more common hand grip pulse reading and chest strap enabled monitor reading through telemetry. It comes with a charging USB port and Bluetooth LE connectivity to sync data with MyFitnessPal. Integrated speakers, a media rack and a 3-speed fan round off the comfort features.

Finally, the seat is easily adjustable to fit heights of various riders, and the backrest is ventilated while the seat is padded and contoured. However, riding for extended periods of time at once may be uncomfortable for some users.

The Nautilus R616 is available on Amazon.


Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent BikeThe Diamondback 512SR fitness recumbent bike only weighs about 125 pounds, and it is designed for people up to 300 pounds. This bike is usable by riders of most heights as it is easy to adjust its position forwards and backwards for different riders. The seat back and base are sculpted to fit the shape of the body and is comfortable. However, the seat back wobbles side to side a bit when you pedal at higher speeds. The pedals are comfortable even without shoes and the pedaling action is smooth.

The console can be adjusted and it has a 510SR LCD display screen that provides real-time feedback. When it comes to resistance settings, this bike has 16 adjustments that the rider can shift through while working out, and it is able to keep up with many stats at once. The heart rate monitor is displayed on the console screen, but the sensors are on the hand grips. The console comes with a choice of 20 programs that can be used, including some that take into account target heart rate.

When assembling this bike there are easy to read instructions, but if the rider is on the shorter side, they may have to drill a hole to get the seat in the forward-most position. This bike is a little heavier than some other recumbent bikes, but it is still easy to move, and it even has a foldable magazine rack, an adjustable fan, and an integrated speaker system.

The Diamondback 510SR is available on Amazon.


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