Best Power Towers and Pull Up Dip Station Reviews

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Best Power Towers A power tower is a great piece of equipment to have in your home if you don’t have time to go to the gym. A good one can help you get a total body muscle workout in under an hour. The best power towers come with a few different components that are meant for specific workouts so that just a few reps of each will target specific muscle groups.


Best Power Towers for Home Use


Best rated power tower and dip station

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

  • 4 position variable height pull up bar

  • 7 position adjustable backrest

  • Extended base for stability

  • Ergonomic 10 degree inward incline armrest

  • Pull up station, dip station, vertical knee raise station, push up station
  • Runner up


    Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower

  • 9 position variable height pull up bar

  • 4 position adjustable backrest

  • Suction cup feet for stability

  • Adjustable dip station arm rest

  • Pull up station, dip station, vertical knee raise station, push up station
  • Best for variety

    Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower

    Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower

  • Fixed height pull up bar

  • Adjustable dip bars

  • Unique features: Pull up station, dip station, adjustable Plyo box, stronghold grips, ab straps, rock climbing hand holds
  • Best pull up station with bench

    HARISON Multifunction Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

    HARISON Multifunction Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

  • 4 position variable height pull up bar

  • Suction cup feet for stability

  • Removable and collapsible lie flat or decline bench

  • Pull up station, dip station, vertical knee raise station, push up station, sit up bench, resistance bands

    What Exercises can you do on a Power Tower?

    Before choosing the best power tower for home use, you should first decide what you want to get out of the tower. The most basic type will include…

    • A pull up station for pull ups and/or chin ups, depending on the type of hand grips.
    • A push up station with push up bars at the base.
    • A dip stand with dip bars at the end of the arm rests.
    • A padded backrest and armrests for doing leg raises.

    The first two types of applications concentrate on the shoulders, chest and biceps, while dips concentrate on the triceps, chest and shoulders. The vertical knee raise station strengthens quads and the core lower abs.

    Extra features can include extra hand grips, slings, suspension training resistance bands, and maybe even a step up or sit up bench.

    Keep in mind that if you only do exercises that target only certain muscles groups, there is a possibility of developing muscle imbalance. A tower that allows for the most varied workout makes this less of a concern.


    How to Choose a Power Tower

    One of the most important considerations you should make is the equipment’s sturdiness and stability. It will have a maximum user weight stated but it also shouldn’t wobble even a little bit during any kind of workout. Solid steel construction is a must for this. Not all dip station power towers are built for all sizes. Short people may have a particularly hard time finding a tower where all the bars are at a comfortable height. Also ensure that all the bars have proper foam or rubber hand grips and the back and arm rests are properly cushioned if there are any.

    Finally, make sure that you have the space for it, as these are not small pieces of equipment. Not only is the footprint size important, but its height may be too. If you only have room in the basement with a low ceiling, keep in mind that a tower height can exceed the standard height of 7 feet. If space is an issue and all you really want to do is pull ups and chin ups, then get yourself a doorway pull up bar or wall mounted pull up bar instead. A portable dip station can be moved out of the way when you’re done but gives you the ability to do dips, L-sits, push ups and inverted rows.

    Now let’s get to our best fitness power tower for home reviews.


    Best Power Tower for Beginner Users

    Stamina 1690 Power Tower

    Stamina 1690 Power TowerThe Stamina Power Tower is a great inexpensive tower for anyone wanting to improve their overall fitness at home. It weighs in at just 54 pounds as it is a simple power tower with dip station and pull up bar, but it’s made from a super tough steel frame able to handle everything you can throw at it. The non-slip end caps are also useful because they ensure that the tower will stay in place during your workout.

    With a matte gray finish, the Stamina 1690 is a no-nonsense device. You’ll need to assemble it yourself unless you pay an extra fee, but the simple design makes it easy to place anywhere or move to the corner when your workout is done. If you do decide to put it together yourself, it’ll take you about an hour, but it’s not difficult thanks to the included instructions. The width of the dip handles is 21 inches from the inside of one handle to the other.

    The Stamina 1690 features a few different workout stations. You can do a full range of dips, pull-ups and chin ups, sit-ups and push-ups quite easily. The pull up bar and dip station comes with foam padding on the grips so you don’t injure your hands. Able to support individuals up to 250 pounds, the Stamina Power Tower is perfect for beginner home gyms but we do not recommend trying crunches with this one, as it is not stable enough for that.


    Best Power Towers for the Money

    Weider Power Tower

    Weider Power TowerFrom one of the leading manufacturers of gym equipment, the Weider Power Tower comes with a full spectrum of stations so that you can safely and comfortably increase your stamina and fitness at home. The Weider Tower comes with a dip station, push-up station, pull-up station, and vertical knee lift station, all of which have padded hand grips. The vinyl cushioned backrest and armrests give you extra comfort while performing leg raises.

    The Weider Tower is a truly versatile piece of equipment and is great value, considering the Weider brand name. The pull up bar cannot be adjusted for height and is fixed at 7 feet. For short people who can’t reach the pull up bar or anyone who’s starting out and needs some assistance in the beginning, this is a power tower with assist in the form of a bar near the bottom.

    The Weider station can accommodate individuals weighing up to 300 pounds as it is made out of durable steel tubing. You’ll need to do some assembly but it’ll only take you about half an hour. However, a common complaint is that the packaging is pretty awful. The entire tower weighs 94 pounds and comes in a matte gray design.


    Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar

    Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up BarOne of the toughest power towers on the market, the Sportsroyals Power Tower can handle up to 400 pounds. So it is the best home pull up tower for heavier people. It comes with skid-resistant rubber feet so you can set it up on any surface, including carpet, linoleum, tiles, or concrete garage floors. Made from 14-gauge two-inch steel tubing coated with a scratch-resistant finish, the design of the Sportsroyals is built to last for years.

    It comes with a vertical knee lift station, tricep dip station, push-up station, and pull-up station. The pull-up station features both a wide and narrow grip design for chin ups as well. You can also adjust the height of the pull up bar between 64.56″ and 88.18″. You may want to purchase some thick rubber bar grips, as the ones provided here are on the smaller side.

    It has pads to protect your elbows, with the armrests of this station slightly inclined towards the inside to prevent the arm from slipping off while doing vertical knee raises. The dip bar grips are about 25″ apart. The back cushion of the tower can be adjusted to any of 7 positions for anyone’s height to add an additional comfort and stability factor to all of your workouts.

    You don’t have to worry about the stability of this power tower and dip station, as the 39.7″ long H-shaped base features 8 support points to increase the base area and provide double stability. The reinforced triangle structure for the arm rests ensures no shaking.

    This home pull up station weighs in at a total of 62 pounds.


    MaxKare 4 Level Adjustable Power Tower

    MaxKare 4 Level Adjustable Power TowerNot all workout stations have to have all workout features on just one side. The MaxKare 4 Level Adjustable Power Tower is designed to be sturdy and stable by keeping the lat/pull up bar and push up grips on one side, with the dip station on the other side. This means that two people can alternate between pull-ups, chest dips, triceps dips, ab crunches, and more at the same time.

    There are 4 adjustable height levels for the pull up bar available – from 65″ to 85″. If you prefer to keep the bar on the same side as the dip station, you can easily do that, as it is designed to be reversible. The comfortable elbow and contoured back cushions for the dip station provide breathable support.

    There is a stretch bar as well, but its height is not adjustable.

    It also features an H-shaped curved base design to increase the contact area and stability. Its maximum weight capacity is 380 lbs.


    Bowflex BodyTower

    Bowflex BodyTowerFrom one of the top names in fitness, the Bowflex BodyTower is practically a complete home gym in a box. The Bowflex BodyTower allows you to perform more than 20 different exercises, including leg and knee raises, planks, squats, tricep dips, sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups.

    The Bowflex BodyTower is built to be extremely durable. The machine itself weighs in at 120 pounds and is designed to safely handle users weighing up to 300 pounds. The Bowflex BodyTower is very stable, made from commercial-grade steel. The handgrips, sling straps, and cushioned back pad give you a lot of stability and comfort when working out.

    As an added bonus, the Bowflex BodyTower comes with a workout placard so you can keep track of your progress and learn how to safely perform eight different key exercises. The machine comes with an illustrated guide to perform 10 additional exercises. The horizontal bars can be easily adjustable to increase the intensity of your workouts. Some assembly is required and is best done with two people.

    The one negative applies to tall people. Because the dip bars are placed on the same side as the pull up bar, those over 6’2″ may find that their head hits the bar while doing dips.


    Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower

    Stamina X Fortress Power TowerWith an attractive red design, the Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower certainly stands out as an excellent addition to your home workout routine. It is the best pull up dip station that also comes with a few extra features beyond the standard basic stations, including abdominal straps, an adjustable Plyo Box, and Boulder Fit rock climbing handholds.

    The Fortress Power weighs in at 154 pounds and is relatively easy to assemble. Made from strong tubular steel, it is very stable. The Fortress is particularly ideal for plyometric exercises such as step ups, single leg squats, and box jumps because of the adjustable height bench. The foam hand grips and padded back pad add comfort but there are no padded armrests if you need them for leg raises.

    Some experts say that this is the best power tower dip station on the market and is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, but the compact design and versatility of workout options makes this a required addition for anyone serious about improving their home fitness. It is designed for individuals weighing up to 250 pounds.


    Best Compact Power Tower

    Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Workout Dip Station

    Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Workout Dip StationWith a 330 Lbs maximum user weight capacity, the Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Workout Dip Station is quite capable of withstanding vigorous workouts by users of all body sizes.

    It features suction cups on the bottom that are adjustable to whatever type of floor you set this station on. It is surprisingly compact and will not take up much floor space at all. All the features are on one side of the station, which means that you can push it right up against a wall. All the hand grips are foam covered and of good quality.

    To let the entire family workout in comfort, the height has an adjustable range of 58.5″ to 89″ at 9 different positions. The cushioned backrest is also adjustable to 4 height positions. Long armed users will like that the padded armrests can be adjusted to move forwards by a few positions. There are two height positions for the removable leg press bar to help you warm up and cool down.

    All adjustment positions have large easy to turn knobs.


    Body Champ PT600 Power Tower

    Body Champ PT600 Power TowerThe Body Champ PT600 Power Tower has an elegant silver and black design with several stations that allow you to work out both the upper and lower part of the body. The Body Vision PT600 is a fairly compact station that includes a leg raise station as well. All stations have padding.

    The Body Champ PT600 has slip-resistant foot grips that keep the Tower in place even on tiles and concrete garage floors. You’ll need to do some assembly with this tower but it shouldn’t take you more than an hour.

    The Body Champ PT600 can accommodate up to 250 pounds. The frame can be adjusted by height and the chin up/pull up station has both a narrow and wide grip position for improved comfort. The vertical knee raise station is a welcome bonus as it comes with ergonomic pads to reduce the stress on your shoulders, however, some customers complain that these slide a little. You may also find that a few minor parts are missing from the box but these are standard nuts and bolts that you can get in any hardware store.


    Best Power Tower with Bench

    HARISON Multifunction Power Tower Pull Up and Dip Station with Bench

    HARISON Multifunction Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station with BenchFor a little bit more you can add more variety to your workouts. The HARISON Multifunction Power Tower Pull Up and Dip Station with Bench has all the good features of the power towers above but adds a sit up bench to the package.

    It is a multi-functional pull-up and dip station where you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, push ups, vertical knee raises, and dips, but it also has a removable bench that can be adjusted to lie flat or at a decline to allow you to do sit-ups or use dumbbells.

    For doing knee raises, the backrest and elbow pads provide good cushioning and support. The backrest is removable if it’s not needed or comes in the way of other exercises. While doing situps, you can attach the foam rollers to lock your feet in position to provide stability to your core. These are easily removable as well. The chin up bar is adjustable to 4 different height levels up to 88.2 inches.

    You also get a pair of resistance bands that you can hook up to the anchor points provided. These can be used for separate tricep curls, fly, and row exercises, or can be used for assisted pull ups and chin ups. However, these may not be challenging enough for experienced and sculpted people.

    The overall weight capacity is 500 Lbs, which is possible due to the heavy duty powder-coated steel tube frame, extended curved base, and non-slip feet with 4 powerful suction cups.

    All of this comes in a compact and foldable design. When the bench press is not in use, it can be collapsed and folded with just a plug pin insert or completely removed. For assembly, you can use your own or the manufacturer provided tools and it can be done by yourself in an hour and a half, or with one other person to prop up pieces as they’re assembled. Make sure that the base legs are all at the same level with the suction cups providing a strong force, and this way there will be no wobbling or stability issues.


    Kicode Power Tower with Bench

    Kicode Power Tower with BenchIf you want an included weight bench but don’t have the budget for the Harrison piece above, then go fo the Kicode Power Tower with Bench. This tower is an amazing budget home gym machine with outstanding workout versatility for the price. Suitable for full body workouts such as pull up exercises, dip stands, inclined push ups, vertical knee raises, leg raises, and chest work. Additionally, the adjustable flat bench facilitates various dumbbell exercises as well as sit ups.

    There are hooks to hold a leg press bar to keep your feet locked in position for sit ups on the flat bench. While the can be declined or detached, it cannot be folded up. This should not be an issue, as all exercises other than those done on the bench have to be performed on the other side of the tower.

    The armrest for doing dips is adjustable to 4 lengths to accommodate long and short forearms, and the backrest is adjustable to 8 different positions, and can also be turned 90 degrees.

    The multi-grip pull up bar with rubber wrap can go up to a height of 89.4 inches through 7 different levels. There’s a leg press bar that can be set up at any of two levels.

    The sturdy steel square tube frame of the Kicode supports a weight capacity of 400 Lbs. There are non-slip pads on the bottom to prevent scratches on your floor and to increase the stability of the tower. Larger people may feel like there’s some wobble but you need not worry about the structure not supporting you.


    Best Portable Dip Bar Station

    ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station

    ProsourceFit Dip Stand StationIf you don’t need a full power tower and pull up station and space and portability is a concern, then maybe just a dip bar station is all you need. The ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station consists of two parallel U-shapped bars that are connected at the front for stability with the distance between the two bars adjustable from 16 ¼” to 23 ¼”. Each bar is 24″ wide and they’re heights can be adjusted from 31″ to 35”.

    This dip station gives you the ability to do classic dips, L-sits, push-ups, and inverted rows. The connector can also be removed if you want to use just one bar or stagger the two bars for a range of exercise.

    It is made of iron and powder coated in red, yellow, or black and can hold up to 400 lbs in user weight. There are rubber soles on the bottom to prevent it from slipping even during intense workouts. The tubes are 1 1/4″ in diameter with rubber grips on top for comfort.

    It is easy to take apart the bars and lightweight enough to transport them wherever you go.

    While this dip station does accommodate people of all heights, a few very tall people say that it is too low for them, especially for doing dips. You should also make sure to place it only on even floors otherwise, it can feel wobbly.


    Power Tower Vs. Power Rack

    Now that you have checked out our pull up dip station reviews, let’s get to this question that is sometimes asked. A power tower is good if you’re focusing on your abs. Unless you have a really large gym, a tower is easier to accommodate. A tower has a smaller footprint and is good for apartments but not as stable or sturdy as a power rack. For example, it is not suitable for adding gymnastics rings, high tension resistance bands, or powerbells. Another reason to get a good power rack is if you want to workout with free weights and not just your own body weight. However, you would be sacrificing a dip station and push up station with a power rack.


    Power Tower FAQs

    Are power towers worth it?

    Power towers are totally worth it, considering that most people can get a complete body workout with one. This is especially true if it comes with a bench and allows you to attach resistance bands or has hooks for barbells.

    Every major muscle group can be strength trained with this single piece of equipment, so it can be a great investment. The best value towers come in a price range of $150 – $500.

    Do power towers build muscle?

    Power towers mostly make you use your own body weight to build and strengthen all major muscle groups, with special focus on the abdomen, back, shoulders, and triceps.

    How tall is a power tower?

    Most power towers for a home gym have the pull up bar at a height between 80 and 90 inches, so that means around a maximum of 7.5′. This can be a problem if your apartment ceiling is lower than this or you want to place the tower in a low ceiling basement.

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