Best Power Rack Reviews 2022

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Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power CageIf you like to do some weightlifting exercises but don’t have time to go to the gym regularly then it’s a good idea to invest in a power rack for your home gym, also called power cage. As you always have a trainer to act as a spotter for safety in a gym, a power rack provides you with a safe way to lift weights alone at home. Our best power rack reviews here focus on just a few of the best power cages made for home use.

If you’re looking for the best power rack for a home gym that can also extend to allow for some isolation exercises, you will have to spend a decent amount. If you’re on a tight budget or not looking for equipment related to other strength training workouts, then we’ll also help you find the best power rack for less than $500 in a future article.

A power rack resembles a cage made of four posts with several adjustment holes running along them that serve as attachment points for safety catches and safety bars. The catches allow a lifter to place the weight bar in a controlled way back into place when done with a set of repetitions. The catches are first adjusted to a comfortable height so that the lifter doesn’t have to bend or stretch to place the bar back. A pair of safety bars connecting the posts on either side are also adjustable for height and serve as a safety net in case the lifter loses control of the weight bar because of arm fatigue or slipping. The bars catch the weights and prevent the lifter from being pinned under them.


Before You Buy

The best power racks come with at least a pull up/chin up bar at the top, while the higher priced ones also have a dip station and maybe even a lat pull and low row attachment. This gives you lots of workout versatility with just the one power cage, so it can actually be worth it to pay more for this kind of power rack. Keep in mind, however, that you still have to buy your own weights and any other useful accessories, like a weight bench, in order to do a wide variety of exercise. These costs can add up.

Before you shop for the best home power rack for home use, you have to know what you want to get out of it. If you want to do exercises on the outside of the cage, then it has to be heavy and stable enough not to topple over. If there are any safety catches on the outside, these may have a lower weight rating than the ones on the inside. If dip bars are affixed on the outside, those will have their own maximum weight capabilities too. And a pull up bar’s maximum differs from the safety bars’ maximum.

Also ensure that your space is enough for the final footprint of the rack once assembled. Be careful that you don’t pick too compact a rack that you can’t properly fit a weight bench inside. If space or cost is an issue for you, then it’s better to go with a squat rack instead of a power rack. A squat rack consists of just two uprights and not all models come with spotter arms on the outside. We’ll explain in more detail the difference between a power rack and a squat rack.

The quality of the safety catches and bars have to be top notch and they must be as adjustable as possible, going high enough and low enough to allow for a variety of exercise for your height and build. The best power racks should have no more than 2″ intervals between the adjustment holes, but a few come with 3″, so you should be comfortable with having a lesser degree of adjustment.

If you choose a power rack with lat pulldown, check that it is compatible with the weight plates that you may already have and intend to use for this attachment. Some that are compatible with 1″ hole standard plates come with an adapter to also allow for the 2″ hole Olympic plates.

Finally, you may also want to take a look at compact home gyms and functional trainers for serious strength training and body building.



Quick Compare Best Power Racks for a Home Gym

ProductRating (out of 5)Cage dimensionsMaximum weight capacityPrice
XMark Fitness XM-7621 Multi-Functional Power Cage5 61.5 L x 48.5 W x 83.1 H inches850 lbs$$$$
Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage4.886.5 L x 52 W x 86 H inches1500 lbs$$$
Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment4.5 59 L x 63 W x 86 H inches800 lbs$
Body-Solid GPR378 Pro Power Rack4.649 L x 46 W x 82 H inches800 lbs$$


Power Rack with Lat Attachment

XMark Fitness XM-7621 Multi-Functional Power Cage

XMark Fitness XM-7621 Multi-Functional Power CageTrain like a pro and become the master of your game with this versatile gym equipment. With the XMark Fitness XM-7621 Power Cage, you no longer need a spotter for you to lift weights safely. This cage is also designed with pull-up bar/split grip chain up, tricep dip handles, lat pulldown, and low row attachments. The latter two are not found in the cheaper XM-7620 version.

As the best power rack for the money, this cage is made of heavy-duty steel and is scratch resistant with baked powder coat finish. It is among the higher capacity power racks for home gyms. There are several pairs of U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments: 1 lower and 1 upper pair on the outside of the front posts, 1 upper pair on the inside of the front post, and 1 upper pair on the inside of the back posts. There are also 2 safety spotter bars with pull-pin adjustments. The holes for the safety spotters and bar catches can be adjusted starting from 20″ off the ground and raised in 2″ steps. Some people may find that the lowest safety setting is not enough to do rack pulls.

The multi-functional cage will save you space and still be spacious enough that you won’t feel cramped with the 48″ walk in design for a 7ft. Olympic weight bar. For example, the dip station bars are located on the right side posts and on the outside. The bars are attached to the adjustable safety rail, so they can be adjusted for height as well. In fact, one person can use the dip station while another can use the pull up bar, or lat or low row attachments. The cage is balanced and solid enough that anyone can do dips on the side without worrying that it will move or tip over.

This is a power rack with a pull up bar that is ergonomically designed and not just straight. The angled ends allow for multi-grip positions.

The attachments allow you to do lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, bicep curls, side lateral raises, shrugs and low cable rows so that your fitness regimen is more varied than what you get with just the lower priced power cage model. They accommodate standard and Olympic plate weights.

If you buy this for home use you get a lifetime warranty, which is another reason we chose this as the best fitness power rack to buy.

Get the XMark Fitness XM-7621 Multi-Functional Power Cage here.


Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power CageThe Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Olympic Power Cage is another all in one fitness tool that gives you multiple training options. If the X-Mark is too expensive for you but you do want additional attachments and very solid high quality rack, then this is the next best power rack for a home gym. This cage has over 24 workouts that you can perform comfortably. The power cage handles a maximum of 1500 lbs of safety bar weight capacity and up to 600 lbs user weight capacity for the pull up bar and dip handles. It has enough space to accommodate whatever training workouts you have, including wide stance squats.

This fitness cage has a multi-grip pull up bar on the outside of the front with multiple hand positions that enhance your arm, shoulder, and back muscles during workouts. You also get a pair of separate grips on the inside front. The bar is adjustable for two heights. The low row cable attachment and the lat pulldown are other great additions to improve your upper back, arms and shoulder muscles. Two detachable and adjustable dip bars are set into one of the dual mounted safety bars inside the cage. With this 7′ Olympic bar power cage, you are sure to get your desired shape within a short time too. The different workouts will ensure that you develop stamina and the ability to train harder.

For safety, there are two sets of spotter bars. Two are 11.5″ single mounted on the back pair of posts, and two are 35.5″ dual mounted. A bonus pair of J-hooks on the back posts are included. All are adjustable to 25 height levels. This cage is 7′ Olympic bar compatible.

The X-Class comes with a 10 year warranty.

Get the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage here.


Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull AttachmentThis 12 gauge steel constructed cage is the best value power rack on this list. Unlike the above two options, it provides weight plate storage with four 8″ plate storage pegs, two on each side. The bars can accommodate standard size plates and Olympic plates work just fine with the provided adapter clips.

This affordable power cage also comes with a high pulley for lat pulldown and low pulley for low row attachment. This is a single foam padded bar that can be switched to the desired type with a quick release cantilever switch. This design is just as good for isolation exercises in addition to the main weight exercises. While it doesn’t come with dip bars, those are available as optional extras.

The entire unit measures approximately 83” from bottom to top. With this height, you can adjust into at least 17 variable positions for safety bar support, ranging from 17.5” to 68”, as well as the 2 solid steel squat safety bars. The power rack’s safety bars are rated to withstand up to 800 lbs. However, the weight capacity of the bar catchers are less. The 2 pairs outside the frame can hold up to 500 lbs, while the single pair inside can hold 650 lbs.

At the top of the rack is a straight pull-up station that boasts knurled grips on both ends with solid steel construction, suitable for up to 350 lbs users. It also comes with a foam covered low row bar lower down for curls.

The system is easy to install and won’t take more than an hour or two. Note that some weight benches will be too big to fit properly inside the cage, as this a power cage that’s made for small spaces.

Th Valor Fitness BD-7 comes with a 3 year warranty.

Get the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment here.


Power Rack without Lat Attachment

Body-Solid GPR378 Pro Power Rack

Body-Solid Pro Power RackIf all you need in a power rack is the cage with a chin up bar and adjustable safety catchers and safety bars, then the Body-Solid Pro Power Rack is a solid choice. Its simplicity is a boon here, as you pay for quality components and construction. It’s also the best compact home gym power rack. For those who have their own bench and attachments and like to customize their equipment, like adding a pulley system, this rack is designed to allow you to configure it in numerous ways, even for extreme workouts

There are two safety bars, two pairs of outer safety J-hooks and one pair of inner J-hooks. With 20 adjustment levels, you are sure to keep your workouts safe, simple, and effective. For every adjustment, there is an interval space of 3” to ensure that you are in full control and safe while you train. Additionally, this body power rack accommodates a maximum 800 lbs. It has a height of 82” and is 41” wide to ensure that all your exercises will be comfortable and convenient. The pull up bar is 79″ off the floor and you can safely do pull ups on it without the cage tipping.

The design of this training equipment is another thing to consider. It has all the features you would look for to guarantee your safety as you train. For instance, it’s made of heavy-duty steel frames. All the components are oversized and welded to support industrial strength hardware. The powder coated finish resists scratches and chips.

This power rack is also compatible with optional Body Solid attachments, like lat bar, dip station, etc., that you can buy separately.

The GPR378 comes with lifetime warranty for home use.

Get the Body-Solid GPR378 Pro Power Rack here.


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