Best Olympic Weight Bench Reviews [2022]

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Golds Gym XRS20 Weight BenchAn Olympic weight bench can be a very good investment for strength training in your home gym. This piece of equipment doesn’t just come with a weight bench but also a weight rack that may double as a squat stand and at least one or two attachments that can work your legs and/or arms. That’s why with the best Olympic weight bench you can get a lot of value for your money if you want to do a lot of different exercises.

Let’s look at what one Olympic weight bench can replace. A good model will have a weight rack that is also designed to be used for squats, so while you can get yourself a dedicated squat rack or power rack and buy a separate adjustable weight bench if you also want to also do bench presses, one piece of equipment is likely to be cheaper and take up less floor space. Of course, if you are a more serious lifter and have enough space for it, you’ll probably be better off getting a good power rack instead.

Most Olympic weight rack and bench sets also come with leg developer and arm curl attachments so you can get even more exercise variations with it. One thing to note, however, is that you will need to buy a barbell and set of weight plates if you don’t already have them.

Now, you may be wondering why this piece of equipment is called an “Olympic weight bench” and how it may differ from a standard bench. To find out read on and then see which ones we think are the best ones for your home gym.



Quick Compare Best Olympic Weight Benches for Home Use

ProductRating (out of 5)AttachmentsCage dimensionsMaximum weight capacityPrice
Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench4.3Leg developer, preacher curl, ab crunch handle76 L x 56 W x 55 H inches550 lbs$$$
Golds Gym XRS20 Weight Bench4.1Leg developer, preacher curl 65 L x 49 W x 73 H inches600 lbs$$
Marcy Diamond Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench MD-8794.1Leg developer, preacher curl66 L x 66.5 W x 64 H inches600 lbs$$$$
Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer4.2Leg developer68 L x 41 W x 59 H inchesnot specified$$
XMark International Olympic Weight Bench with Leg and Preacher Curl Attachment XM-4424.14.0Leg developer, preacher curl76 L x 48 W x 60.5 H inches700 lbs$$$$$
Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench3.9Leg developer, preacher curl, lat tower88 L x 60 W x 83 H inchesnot specified$$


Difference Between a Standard and an Olympic Weight Bench?

Although the word Olympic is in the name of the product, it doesn’t mean that this is what is used in competition. It is just used to differentiate between standard benches, barbells and weights and those that are longer, wider, thicker, etc.

When it comes to the bench, an Olympic one is generally wider and longer and just more stable so that you can do heavier and more serious lifting.

According to the International Weightlifting Federation, the barbell has to meet set specifications. The bar’s weight for men is 20 kg or 44 lbs, and for women it is 15 kg or 33 lbs. Two collars for the bar must weigh 2.5 kg each for men and women. Each weight plate has to weigh a certain amount and ranges from 0.5 kg to 25 kgs.

The bar is 7 feet long as opposed to 6 feet, which is more commonly used for fitness. Standard bars are uniformly 1″ thick from the center through to the ends, while Olympic bars are about 1.25″ thick in the center and gradually increases to 50 mm or 2″ at the ends. Therefore only Olympic plates will fit as is on an Olympic bar. However, many Olympic weight benches are designed to be used with 7′ long bars that are 1″ or 2″ thick by allowing for the use if adapter sleeves.

Standard bars are lighter and can hold less weight than Olympic bars, so if you switch from standard to Olympic, you must take into account that the Olympic bar will already add more weight to your lifts and decrease the weight plate load that you add to the bar.


Olympic Weight Bench Reviews

Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench

Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight BenchThe Body Champ BCB5860 is built perfectly for those looking to exercise for fitness rather than for training for competition, as it is extremely versatile in allowing you to work your arms, legs and core. It is a heavy duty bench and although the the overall weight capacity is not the highest on this list, most people won’t come close to it. According to the manual the squat rack can hold up to 300 lbs and the bench can hold a user up to 250 lbs.

The weight rack uprights are designed for use with both 6′ and 7′ Olympic bars since the outer catches of the uprights stand 38.5” apart. The uprights are also adjustable for height from 46.5″ to 54″, allowing you to comfortably bench press at any angle. There are safety hooks hat protect your hands from weights pinching and weight holder pegs lower down so that your plates are close at hand.

The bench sits 21″ off the ground and its back is adjustable to 7 different positions, allowing you to do military, incline, flat and decline presses. The seat back is supported by an adjustable horizontal bar on the rack, which you have to remove completely if you want to do declines or ab work. A u-shaped stabilizing bar in front ads to the sturdiness of the unit.

There is a leg extension and hamstring curl attachment with foam rollers that do double duty to lock your legs while doing presses. The leg developer is designed for standard plate use but it also comes with an Olympic weight adapter. If you want to do preacher curls, there’s an arm curl bar with foam grips and a nicely cushioned and height adjustable preacher pad to isolate your arms for proper form. You can even do crunches with proper form using the ab crunch attachment with foam handle grips and you can use it to do seated rows too.

Assembly is easy and should take around 2 hours bu be sure to have your own adjustable wrenches, as the included ones are useless.


  • It offers value for money with the variety of exercises you can perform.
  • Works with standard and Olympic bars and the leg developer can take standard or Olympic plates.
  • Can accommodate users of all heights except the very tall. Even the attachments are adjustable.

  • If you want to use the leg developer you have to remove the preacher pad, as it comes in the way. However, uses a screw on bolt rather than a a quick pull out pin.
  • There are no safety spotters on the rack when doing bench presses, so you are limited in the amount of weight you can safely press.
    Buy the Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench here.


    Golds Gym XRS20 Weight Bench

    Golds Gym XRS20 Weight BenchThe Golds Gym XRS20 is a well designed and versatile 2 piece Olympic weight bench set. The bench can be used separately from the squat rack that is designed only for 7′ Olympic bars but you can use standard weight plates if you want.

    The squat rack also comes with 9.5″ safety spotters so you can confidently bench press heavy loads knowing that you have a safe way to bail if you need to. Two weight pegs at the back can hold 1″ standard plates. The total capacity of this weight bench is 600 lbs with 300 lbs being the maximum that the rack can hold. The uprights can be adjusted for height up to 64″ so you can easily use this rack just for squats and lunges if you move it clear from the bench. Some users also report that you can also use your Olympic bar on it for doing chin ups if you keep your knees bent.

    The bench is adjustable to several angles with a maximum incline of 70° and a single decline position of -5°. In the flat position it is approximately 22″ high. While it does seem a bit high, there are no complaints from people at least 5′.

    This bench comes with two attachments for additional exercises – an arm curl yoke with preacher pad and a leg developer with 6 foam rollers. The preacher pad can be adjusted to 3 different heights and it is rolled downwards at the top for comfort while you grip the curved grips on the curl bar for bicep work. The yoke is detachable for when you want to only do bench presses or leg workouts on the leg developer. The 6 foam rollers allow you to do leg extensions and curls and the weight peg is 1″ in diameter for standard plates but there’s a removable adapter for Olympic plates too.

    Assembly is easy, if a little time consuming, but the instructions are clear. You will need your own screwdrivers and wrenches. You may find that a few pieces are already in place, so don’t worry if it looks like you’re missing pieces when referring to the instructions.


  • Best value Olympic weight bench.
  • Even short people will find the bench comfortable, as there’s a place to rest your feet if they don’t reach the floor.
  • Spotter arms and seat incline are easy to adjust.
  • Each piece is easy to move around.
  • Quality construction.

  • Instead of standard pins for adjusting the height of the uprights on the rack and the preacher pad, you have to loosen and tighten screw-type knobs, which is time consuming.
  • Backrest doesn’t incline to a full military position and it doesn’t decline much at all.
  • The cushioning is very comfortable.
    Buy the Golds Gym XRS20 Weight Bench here.


    Marcy Diamond Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench MD-879

    Marcy Diamond Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench MD-879The Marcy Diamond MD-879 is a great choice for those looking to increase overall body strength and create lean muscle mass. It sports a solid two-piece design that allows you to add attachments and perform more exercises. First off, it comes with an adjustable bench for bench presses and bicep, lower leg, and abdominal workouts. It also has a squat rack, which can be used for lunges and squats and of course as your weight bar holder for presses.

    The bench seat is 20″ off the ground and it features an adjustable back pad, allowing flat, incline, and decline positions. You can adjust it up to five different positions. It is easy to adjust the bench and it securely locks into position. It is fitted with contoured foam roller pads, which helps with form by locking your legs in place as well as letting you get a full leg workout. The included preacher curl pad is also adjustable and allows extended dumbbell workouts on your biceps. If you prefer, there’s a detachable bicep curl bar with rubber grips as well. You can easily remove the preacher pad when you want to do leg extensions.

    Its adjustable barbell crutches of the squat rack let you change the bar’s position to meet your exercise needs and it supports both standard and Olympic bars with standard weight plates. You can also use Olympic plates by first affixing the Olympic adapters that are included. There is also a weight holder peg on the lower outside of each upright, however, you may want to place at leas a little weight on the leg of each upright as well to help stabilize the squat rack and prevent it from tipping over.

    Although there are no spotters on the squat rack, since it is separate from the bench, you can place it away from the bench and use it for walk in squats and lunges, where the crutches are in better position for you to set the bar down. Anyone who is 6’2″ or under can do squats easily.

    The versatility of this home workout bench makes it suitable for any level of weightlifter. The unit is engineered with a tubular steel frame, allowing it to accommodate up to 600 pounds of both weights and user. Each piece is easy to move from place to place and ships pre-assembled so all you need to do is tighten a few nuts/bolts. This will only take a few minutes of your time and does not need skills.


  • Squat rack and bench are two separate pieces, allowing you to store them separately for saving space.
  • Uprights are high enough that you can do squats.
  • Easy to assemble.

  • The squat rack is a bit unstable but can be prevented from tipping by placing weights on each leg.
  • Users with long arms might feel like they can’t bench press with a wide enough grip, as the hands may get pinched when placing he barbell back on the rack.
  • Painted metal parts tend to scratch easily.
    Buy the Marcy Diamond Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench MD-879 here.


    Body Solid Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer

    Body Solid Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg DeveloperIf you don’t have a lot of space to keep an Olympic bench, then the Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer is the model for you. The bench is attached to the weight rack and folds up flat against it for storage when you’re done working out.

    The uprights can be adjusted for height up to 59″ and can support a 6′ or 7′ barbell with the catch to catch distance being 3′. Although not designed for squats, you can reverse the bar catches and do squats at the back of the rack as long as you’re careful to rack the barbell. There are eye hooks on the front and rear of the rack that you can use for resistance bands.

    You can’t do military presses or decline presses on this unit but you can do flat presses and inclines. The backrest can be adjusted easily via pull out pins to three different positions and supported by the rack’s support bar that can go up and down three different heights.

    There is one attachment that comes with this bench – a leg developer with a standard weight plate holder. It allows you to do leg extensions and curls with the foam rollers.

    When you’re done, the bench folds up against the rack and the height is 6′ tall. You have to remove the bar first to do this but you can place it back on the catches once folded up and locked into position. However, it is not compact enough to slide under a bed.

    Assembly is very easy and should not take more than 90 minutes the first time. However, a number of customers have complained about missing parts.


  • Extremely sturdy.
  • Great for small homes.

  • Only one attachment and no possibility of adding more.
  • Cannot do military or decline presses.
  • There’s a 10 cm gap between the seat and the backrest when flat that a few people feel is uncomfortable. The gap reduces to 2 cm in the incline positions.
    Buy the Body Solid Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer here.


    XMark International Olympic Weight Bench XM-4424.1

    XMark International Olympic Weight Bench with Leg and Preacher Curl Attachment XM-4424.1If you’re looking for the most versatility in an Olympic bench and rack then the XMark International Olympic Weight Bench XM-4424.1 certainly qualifies. Made from 14 gauge steel with a powder coated scratch resistant top coat for the mainframe and thick and durable padding with vinyl covering for the bench, it is one of the more expensive models on this list. It is a single piece of equipment consisting of the bench part and the weight/squat rack part. A 2″ Olympic bar is recommended for use on this model but a 1″ bar would also work as the spacing on the uprights allows for it. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is 7′ long.

    The bench is 19″ off the ground and is adjustable to allow you to do flats, inclines and declines. The way it works is that the back rest angle is adjustable and is supported at the back by a horizontal brace bar that’s a part of the squat rack. This brace bar is held in place at three different positions by supports on the rack’s uprights and you choose the position based on whether you want to do inclines (highest postion), flats (middle position) or declines (lowest position). Once you set the brace bar, you adjust the position of the bench seat by a large spring loaded pin knob underneath and the seat slides forwards and away from the rack or backwards and closer to the rack, thereby changing the angle of the bench’s backrest from the bottom. For a military press, you set the brace bar at the highest position and slide the seat all the way back. This way you can micro-adjust the bench to suit your needs for each type of bench press.

    There is a pair of adjustable safety spotters that can be switched to the front or back – front for when you’re doing bench presses and back for squats. Yes, you can easily do squats, as the uprights go up to 6’1″ and the bar crutches and spotters can be switched to face backwards and adjusted for height using the same holes. In fact, the spotter holes are better suited for squats than for the bench. The uprights can hold a maximum of 300 lbs, while the bench can hold a maximum of 700 lbs.

    The bench comes with a preacher curl attachment and a leg developer attachment. The preacher curl consists of an adjustable and detachable preacher pad to support your arms while doing bicep curls. You can do these using your own dumbbells or the attached arm curl bars. The curl bars are also detachable. The leg developer consists of 3 pairs of foam rollers to enable you to do leg extensions as well as leg curls. The weight plate holder is made for 1″ plates but there’s an adapter for 2″ plates as well.

    Assembly is not the easiest and can take while. You have to ensure that you assemble and tighten all bolts properly or the bench and leg developer may wobble a bit. If you do that, this bench and rack unit is very sturdy.


  • Lots of variety of exercises.
  • Great for squats and lunges as well.
  • Very easy to adjust for various exercises and positions.

  • Spotter arms don’t go low enough for flat or decline presses and are so long that they can come in your way while doing them. They are best used for inclines only.
  • The bench seat tends to move around a little.
    Buy the XMark International Olympic Weight Bench XM-4424.1 here.


    Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

    Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic BenchIf you’re looking for a lat pulldown attachment in addition to leg and arm attachments, then the Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench is your best bet. Both the bench and the squat rack come as one piece, with the lat tower and leg lift with curl bar attachments being detachable.

    The bench can be adjusted for inclines, declines and flat presses but you are quite limited in positions. There is no pin adjustment here. Instead, there is a support bar on the squat rack behind the bench that sits at two different heights on the uprights. This bar supports the bench’s backrest for the flat position, a small decline angle, and an incline of 45 degrees. The back rest can also be set at a 90 degree position without using the support bar. However, this military position is not meant for you to do presses with the weight bar as the rack will be way behind you.

    There is an adjustable preacher pad to help you do arm curls properly, either with your own dumbbells or with the attached arm curl bar. When not in use, the preacher pad is detachable and has a storage post on the back of one of the uprights of the rack. The leg attachment has foam rollers for you to do extensions as well as leg curls.

    The lat tower goes into the same post that you remove the preacher pad from but it has its own storage post as well on the back of the other upright of the rack. Both the pad and and lat tower need to be screwed in and out of the posts, which can be annoying, especially since the tower is quite tall. You would also need an extra few inches beyond its 83″ height to remove and install it back on.

    To use the attachments, there’s an Olympic weight plate holder but there are also 3 plate adapters for standard plates and spring clips to keep the plates in place.

    Only a 7′ bar will work with this squat stand. You can also do squats on the reverse of the stand, as the barbell can be placed as high as 54″ on the uprights. While the rack can hold quite a decent amount of weight, there are no spotter arms here so unless you have someone with you to do that, you should not attempt too high a weight.

    Assembly is not easy, as the instructions are poor with missing steps and no information on which parts come pre-attached, leading to a possibility of leaving out important parts like collars. If the collars are not installed properly, the lat tower can give you too much friction instead of feeling smooth and you can risk breaking it.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Bench and rack are very strong and sturdy.
  • You can do lots of upper body, lower body and core exercises with just this one piece of equipment.

  • The bench is a bit on the short side for those over 6′ tall.
  • The lat tower may not provide adequate extension to those over 6′ tall.
  • Poor instructions for assembly.
    Buy the Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench here.

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