Best Exercise Bike for a Heavy Person [2022]

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Exercise Bikes for Heavy PeopleA heavy person needs different features than a light person when it comes to an exercise bike. For example, the best exercise bike for a heavy person will have anti-slip pedals and a comfortable seat since they’ll be on the bike longer than someone who is lighter. Heavy or obese riders should also look for a sturdy, well-built bike that will hold up to weight and last a long time. Getting on and off the bike is more challenging, so the design of the seat, frame, and handlebars is important too.

When you first begin to search for your new exercise bike, the variety of options available can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you, and put together a helpful guide that will serve as a handy reference to help you figure out which bike suits your needs (and budget). We’ll cover everything from what to look for when shopping for home exercise bikes for heavy people, to how to choose between a spin bike or upright bike.

The majority of exercise bikes have weight limits that are somewhere between 150 and 250 pounds. There are a few, however, that can handle heavier weights. Our research looks for the best exercise bike for over 300 lbs.

Keep in mind that many overweight riders will prefer a recumbent exercise bike for heavy people instead of an upright one because there’s a seat back to recline against and it will sit lower to the ground.

Best Exercise Bikes for Heavy People


Top upright exercise bike for heavy users

Schwinn 170

  • Magnetic resistance and belt drive

  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

  • Good for people of all heights

  • 25 resistance levels
  • Best budget upright bike

    Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS

  • Magnetic resistance and belt drive

  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

  • Good for medium to tall people

  • Can be folded

  • 8 resistance levels
  • Top spin bike for heavy users

    Keiser M3i

  • Magnetic resistance and belt drive

  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

  • Good for people of all heights
  • Best budget spin bike

    DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Felt pad friction resistance and belt drive

  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

  • Good for medium to tall people



    Upright Exercise Bikes for Heavy People

    Schwinn Airdyne Pro

    Schwinn Airdyne ProThe Schwinn Airdyne Pro can hold up to 350 pounds and is great if you’re looking to kick your workout up a gear, even if you have weak knees. This is a progressive wind resistance exercise bike, which means the harder you pedal, the more resistance you encounter. In general, fan resistance bikes that are made for Crossfit are great for heavy people because they’re usually very sturdy in build. This particular one is great for athletes as well as those who need to exercise for weight loss.

    The bike comes with an oversized, padded seat, designed for maximum comfort. However, if the seat doesn’t work for you, you can always replace it with your own customized seat. The handles allow the rider to use a vertical or horizontal grip.

    The bike was designed for both tall and short people. Consumers as short as 5′ and as tall as 6′ have claimed to have no issue getting onto or using this bike due to its highly adjustable handles and seats. When it comes to pedals, the bike offers a design that improves push-off and prevents slipping mid-workout. They can also be replaced with Shimano pedals if you prefer.

    The belt-driven 26 blade fan design of the bike makes resistance levels match whatever force you are exerting, making it great for beginners and pros alike. You also get 9 programmable workout options, including HIIT programs like 20/10 or 30/90. The fan has an air guard so that you’re not blasted with the wind as you pedal and it helps dampen the fan noise too. However, you can remove it if you’d like a good breeze in summer!

    While the bike’s display can initially look intimidating, every button is labeled and has a purpose. With the display and controls, you can set up workout goals pertaining to time, calories burned, and miles biked.

    The display itself shows all your stats on one screen so that you don’t have to cycle through them as you’re pedaling. Stats shown include metrics for calories, time, speed, pulse, watts, RPM, and distance. Though there is a pulse reading, there are no pulse-sensing handles. Instead, the customer can purchase the T31C Heart Rate Sensor, which you can wrap around your chest during the workout. The sensor can only fit 24″ to 54″ chests.

    The single stage belt drive helps to instantly activate the bike and makes for a smoother, more efficient workout. Being an air bike, there will be noise, but this model claims to be one of the quietest air bikes on the market. The belt drive also makes this model the best of Schwinn’s air bike series.

    When it comes to this particular bike, it would be wise to pick a designated spot for it in the house, as its weight (113 pounds) and dimensions (L 42″, W 20″, H 52″) make the bike difficult to move and store, even though it does have front wheels.

    Consumers are split on the ease of assembly with some saying that the bike comes almost fully assembled with you only having to attach arm handles, pedals, and the bike’s base. However, some customers complained that it took hours for them to put it together and that it was confusing.


    • Good for users of a wide range of heights.
    • Multi grip handles.
    • Great for serious cardio.
    • The quietest of all fan bikes.


    • Only compatible with a non coded Polar heart rate monitor.


    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2721 Folding Exercise Bike

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2721 Comfort XL Ultra Cushioned Seat Folding Exercise BikeThe Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2721 Folding Exercise Bike supports up to 300 pounds and is a perfect bike for either an obese individual trying to lose weight or an elderly person going through physical therapy.

    This bike offers an extra-large seat with heavy padding and a backrest, ensuring you’ll be as comfy as possible during your exercise routine. Consumers have attested to being able to sit comfortably for an hour. You can lean back and use it almost in the recumbent position or sit in the upright position.

    In addition, the seat’s recumbent handlebars can be moved out of the way, making things more comfortable for a larger person as well as making it easier to get on and off the machine.

    This bike features self-leveling pedals, allowing easier access for the user. While the pedals are sturdy in the beginning and have a great grip that prevents the feet from slipping mid-exercise, you may feel like they’re loose after some months.

    There are ten levels of adjustable magnetic resistance that maintains the quality and power of the upright bike. In addition, the low maintenance durable belt drive keeps your ride quiet and stable.

    While there are no preset programs on this bike, there are three positions that a user can adjust to increase the difficulty and change up which muscle groups are being used while pedaling.

    The bike’s control system is also easy to use. The display features an ON button and a bar that you can click left or right to display all the different statistics available on the performance monitor.

    The performance monitor displays calories burned, pulse rate, distance, time, and speed. In order to measure pulse, the user must squeeze the pulse grips on each foam coated handle. In addition, there is a tablet holder so you can watch your favorite show on your phone or tablet while working out.

    Luckily, this bike only takes 1-2 people to assemble, and with the easy-to-follow instructions, it should only take 45 minutes at most to put this bike together. No tools or batteries are needed, as they all come with the bike.

    Most importantly, this bike is simple to store and move and is one of the best foldable exercise bikes for the home. It folds up and comes with transport wheels, making it easy to move and store in a closet or corner of the home.


    • Easy to fold up and store.
    • Ride upright while leaning back.
    • Very comfy seat.
    • Easy to assemble.


    • The pedals may feel loose after some months.


    All of the next 3 bikes also make it to our list of best upright exercise bikes for tall people, so we won’t go into too much detail here.

    Exerpeutic 250XL Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse (1200)

    Exerpeutic 250XL Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with PulseThe Exerpeutic 250XL Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse can hold up to 300 lbs in weight and is a good budget option for big and tall people. It is also foldable for storage if you don’t have a lot of space at home.

    It has a belt drive with 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust with just a turn of a dial. It is sturdy, easy to use, and quiet. The display is large enough to see all the data clearly, including the heart rate that it records via the handlebar sensors.

    This is not quite an upright bike, as the seat lies a little behind the pedals. You can lean forward, almost like on a spin bike, to reach the handlebars. Although the seat is larger than most bike seats, it’s not very comfortable. However, that can easily be fixed by covering it with a gel seat cover.


    • Quiet
    • Simple to use
    • Sturdy


    • Uncomfortable seat
    • Fixed handlebars


    Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

    Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise BikeAnother Exerpeutic brand option is the Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike. If a 300 to 350 lb capacity isn’t enough, this is an exercise bike for a 400 lb person. Its heavy duty design and high durability is just made for a heavy person. The 500 XLS is very similar in most respects to the 250XL, except for this studier construction.

    It also comes with 8 resistance levels and has a screen to display all your workout stats, including heart rate.

    The seat is big but not padded very well. However, you can get a gel seat cover to address this issue.

    This is also the best folding exercise bike for a heavy person, as it folds to half its full size. However, because of its sturdiness, it is quite heavy to move on a regular basis.


    • Wide seat
    • Sturdy construction


    • Not for short people


    Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

    Schwinn 170 Upright BikeThe Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is a great upright exercise bike with a 300 lb weight capacity and is one of our picks for best upright exercise bikes as well.

    With its Bluetooth connectivity, it can connect to the Explore the World app so that you can immerse yourself in a multitude of global rider courses and locales while tracking and monitoring your progress. The console displays up to 29 workout programs along with all necessary data, including heart rate that is captured by the sensors on the handlebars. You get a whopping 25 resistance levels on this belt-driven bike.

    The Schwinn 170 is very sturdy. While the padded contoured seat is comfortable, you can replace it with a compatible clamp and rail bicycle seat.


    • Up to 4 people can store their stats
    • Very quiet
    • Made for all shapes and sizes


    • Will sometimes have an app glitch
    • Speakers could be better


    Best Spin Bike for Heavy Person

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Indoor Cycling Bike

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Indoor Cycling BikeThe Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Indoor Cycling Bike is magnetic resistance spin bike. With a 330-pound weight limit, it is great for a larger person trying to lose weight. The simplicity of the bike is also great for those who are just looking for a simple workout without all the frills of most modern exercise machines.

    The bike’s seat is padded and highly adjustable, with the seat being able to be moved higher or closer to the handlebars if needed. This flexibility in adjustment with both the handlebars and the seat makes getting on and off a breeze.

    Adjustable straps on the pedals secure your feet and the 44-pound flywheel weight helps create momentum and the belt drive makes for a relatively quiet workout.

    The tension knob ensures full control of how hard or easy you want your workout to be. However, that is about the only bells and whistles with this model. The bike features no heart rate sensor, no display console, and no controls. However, reviewers suggested purchasing a cadence sensor if the buyer wants some stats to go with their workouts.

    Though it weighs 135 pounds, the bike’s transportation wheels can tilt the machine and roll it around to store it or move it with ease. In addition, consumers say the bike is easy to assemble but can be time consuming, taking an hour or so to put together.


    • Easy to use
    • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars


    • No display console for tracking


    DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike

    DMASUN Indoor Cycling BikeWith a capacity of 330 pounds, the DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bikeis perfect for an obese person trying to maintain an exercise routine. It is a felt-resistance type bike with a belt drive.

    The seat cushion has been optimized to be comfortable for the full workout. The handlebars and seat are adjustable so that many body types can use the machine. This also makes it easy to get onto and off the bike. A nice feature is the extra pair of hand grips on the handlebars, which means that users can change their stance in the middle of the workout to ease any strain on the back.

    The bike features anti-skid pedals that prevent slipping as well as an adjustable resistance level, making it great for both beginners and professionals.

    The small LCD display tracks speed, calories, distance, pulse, and exercise time throughout the workout. This allows the machine to track your progress and adjust your exercise plan. In order to track heartrate, you just need to squeeze the hand pulse handle on the handlebars.

    The bike also has a 40-pound flywheel, making the ride smooth and quiet. You can also enjoy watching shows on your tablet or phone with the featured tablet holder.

    Though it weighs a little under 100 pounds, the bike has wheels on the front end that make it easy to move around and store. Users said that assembly was relatively easy and that the instructions were easy to read. Assembly can take from half an hour to an hour.


    • Two sets of hand grips for changing cycling stance
    • Heavy flywheel
    • Comfy and large seat cushion


    • The seat does not move forward enough for very short people


    VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike

    VIGBODY Indoor Exercise BikeThe VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike is another felt resistance and belt driven spin bike that can hold up to 330 pounds, making it a great choice for overweight individuals. The 30-pound flywheel ensures a smooth and stable ride, but some users have said that it is not a very quiet machine.

    This model’s seat is designed to be comfortable, ventilated, and durable, which is perfect for longer workout routines. Users can adjust the seat 4 ways and the handlebars 2 ways by height, making the bike accessible to most heights. This also makes it easier to get on and off the bike.

    The pedals come with a customizable cage and toe clips that hold the feet in place throughout the workout. A convenient tension knob allows users to adjust resistance for a challenging workout for either beginners or pros. The handle bars are contoured in such a way to offer 3 different hand grip positions.

    The LCD monitor displays calories, speed, time, and distance. The easy-to-use controls let you set up workout speed, intensity goals, and a workout timer to make sure you’re staying on track.

    Dual transportation wheels make the bike simple to move and store, and most customers reported that the machine was easy to assemble but was time consuming. Expect it to take around 90 minutes to put this bike together.


    • More durable and thick brake pad
    • Good range of resistance


    • Makes a bit of noise
    • Not good for very tall people


    The following two spin bikes also feature in our top picks for exercise bikes for tall people.

    Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary

    Cyclace Exercise Bike StationaryWith a user weight capacity of 330 Lbs and a 36lbs flywheel, the Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary is a belt-driven friction resistance bike with pure wool friction pads to control resistance. You can control the level by pushing down on a resistance bar.

    An ergonomically designed non-racing seat cushion gives you a comfortable riding experience. Not only can the seat be adjusted up to 8 positions for height, but it can also be moved forward and backward. The handlebar is also adjustable for height and features 5 grip positions. An iPad holder and bottle holder are within easy reach. The cage pedals protect your shoes from getting scraped or from slipping when pedaling fast.

    The LCD monitor is basic and tracks time, distance, speed, calories burned, and has an odometer.

    There are 4 floor levelers and front transport wheels and the flywheel has a sweat protection cover.


    • Maximum adjustability for the seat and handlebars.
    • Suitable for very tall people.
    • Takes up very little space.
    • Comfortable seat.


    • Small and dark display monitor.
    • The braking from friction resistance is not noiseless.


    Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

    Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle BundleOne of the best heavy duty exercise bikes is the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, which is also a good spin bike for users tall and short. Its maximum user weight capacity is 350 lbs.

    It features a Poly-V belt drive with a rear flywheel design.

    This bike has been designed for people with wide hips, i.e. it has a larger than average Q factor, so you won’t feel cramped or feel a strain in your knees while pedaling. Its V-shaped frame makes it easy for anyone to get on and off as well. The seat and handlebars can be raised and lowered along the frame to adjust to your body size perfectly.

    You can connect via Bluetooth to the Keiser M Series app and view real-time graphs for power and heart rate, dials for cadence range, FTP zones, and more. It is also compatible with various other apps. The heart rate is transmitted from the Polar chest strap monitor that comes along with the bike. Other included accessories are a media tray, floor mat, stretch pads, M-series converter, and an assembly and maintenance kit, so that you can assemble and maintain the bike yourself, although there’s very little maintenance required.

    The pedals have foot straps to keep your feet secure, but you can also clip in your cycling shoes. There’s an easy to reach water bottle holder.


    • Will last for years.
    • People of all heights can use it.
    • Good for serious workouts.
    • Completely silent.


    • Expensive.



    How do you Burn the Most Fat on a Stationary Bike?

    It’s pretty simple: If your goal is to burn fat, the best exercise bike is the one that helps you do the most work in the least amount of time. This will burn the most calories, which is what you’re after. When you pedal on an exercise bike, the amount of work you’re doing is determined by how fast you pedal and at what resistance level.

    If you want to burn fat on a stationary bike, you need to match your intensity level to the time you spend in the saddle. If you ride longer than an hour, do shorter intervals with full recovery time. If you ride 30 minutes or less, perform longer intervals with minimal to no recovery time in between.

    There are a couple of ways to determine how much work you’re doing, but the most common are calories burned and heart rate. To burn the most fat, you need to keep your intensity high enough to elevate your heart rate into the fat-burning zone.

    When you get leaner, your body burns fat more efficiently. When you eat less and/or exercise more, you use more fat for fuel. It’s a great way to help you get leaner, but it’s no guarantee.

    Why do exercise bikes have weight limits?

    As anyone who has ever ridden an exercise bike can probably attest to, they’re meant to be ridden … a lot. So how did those manufacturer limits even come about? While there isn’t a single set standard in the world of exercise bikes, most of them are designed to mimic the effects of riding a bike outdoors – and by extension, they’re designed for the average person to ride.

    But while an average person may weigh, say, 150 to 200 pounds, the average exercise bike’s capacity is at least 250 pounds. This makes sense when you consider that a good bike needs to be able to safely bear a much heavier load than the typical user. (How many of us could benefit from a little extra weight loss?)

    How high should the seat be on an exercise bike?

    If you plan on using an exercise bike in your home, you’ll want to be sure that you’re not sacrificing your comfort in order to meet your workout goals. The seat position is the most important aspect of the bike. Measure the length of your inseam and use this measurement to determine the proper seat height for your bike.

    The goal of a bike is to simulate a riding experience, so if the seat is too high you run the risk of straining your knees, and if it’s too low you could harm your back. A good way to figure out the proper seat height is to imagine yourself on your bike with both feet flat on the floor. If you can do this then the seat is the right height for you.

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