Back2Crawl Bear Crawl Exercise Machine Review

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Back2Crawl Professional Series Bear Crawl Horizontal Exercise MachineBear crawling might seem like a weird way to exercise, but it’s actually very effective in sculpting your core, upper body and upper legs, not to mention improving your overall strength. While you don’t necessarily need any equipment to do bear crawl exercise, you will require a lot of open space at home or in your backyard when the weather is good. As such, acquiring a bear crawl horizontal exercise machine of your choice allows you the opportunity to save on space that can be used for other purposes or just left free. It also promotes proper exercise form at slow and fast crawling speeds. Our Back2Crawl Bear Crawl Exercise Machine review is split into two and focuses on two models from this brand by iLiving USA that you can choose from. One is a professional model that, if you can afford it, is the one you’ll find in club gyms as is a better model. However, the home model is good enough if you don’t want to invest a lot into this kind of equipment.

Before we get to the review, first let’s learn about what bear crawling is and why it provides such an effective workout.



What is Bear Crawl Exercise?

Do you do planks or pushups to sculpt and strengthen your core? Are you looking for something to help strengthen your spine? Well then you might want to try the bear crawl for an even more effective workout. Granted, it’s not something you regularly see fitness enthusiasts doing in the gym, but many professional athletes do them as a part of their fitness routine. Men’s Health Magazine advocated for it a few years ago.

To do a proper bear crawl, you’ll need a bit of floor or backyard space because you have to travel a few yards in several directions without changing position. First start on your hands and knees with your palms right under your shoulders and your knees bent right under your hips. Your back should be completely straight and parallel to the ground. Start crawling forwards on your hands and the balls of your feet with your back as still and straight as possible and your knees slightly lifted off the ground. Try not to twist or arch your back and lift and put down a hand and a foot on opposite sides at the same time. When you finish a few yards in that direction, rest a bit and try to switch to crawling backwards to your original spot. If you master that, then start crawling sideways one way and back the other.

In order to do bear crawling correctly, you have to engage your core muscles to stabilize your spine so that you don’t twist and arch your back. So, this is a lot like doing planks, except that you’re moving while doing them.

Once you become a pro at doing plain bear crawl exercises, you might want to add a resistance band around your knees to make it even more challenging. This works your glutes even more, along with the hip flexors. Or for a simpler challenge with only added resistance, try weight cuffs for your hands and feet.


Bear Crawl Exercise Benefits

The good thing with concentrating on bear crawl exercises is that your physical performance will be improved by giving you more energy to lift weights and do other strength building exercises required for sports. However, with bear crawl exercise, you are also set to enjoy one of the most productive fitness regiments with excellent results. This is because the exercise comes with multiple benefits that include:

  • You can be sure to get a stronger core and midsection from doing the bear crawl exercises.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Arm and leg coordination as well as the stability of your shoulders and pelvis is enhanced.
  • Mass muscle build up through total body toning and fat burning, especially in your upper body, glutes and thighs.
  • Your rib cage becomes better aligned and you breathe more efficiently.
  • Is an excellent warmup exercise before playing sports or doing a more intense cardio workout.


Bear Crawl Exercise Muscles Worked

When doing this exercise properly you work the hamstrings and quadriceps in the upper legs, your triceps and shoulder deltoids in the upper arms, and all your core muscles, including abdominal, chest and back muscles.


To enjoy excellent results from bear crawl exercise at home, you will need one of the following two machines:

Back2Crawl Professional Series Bear Crawl Horizontal Exercise Machine

Product description and Features

Professional Series Bear Crawl MachineThis Back2crawl exercise machine is used to help improve cardiovascular activity through better body coordination. It is among the first creations of horizontal exercise machines aimed at engaging you in natural workout. This professional series machine is comfortable on your spine because it prevents vertical pressure and reduces gravitational force. The allowances make it easy to do your bear crawl exercises. The professional series horizontal exercise machine is worth its high price since it not only provides stability and working power but also strength.

There are multiple ways to use this machine and add variety to your workouts. You can work both the legs and arms or you can work only the legs by keeping your hands on the stationary bars and your elbows supported by the arms rests. For leg position, you can place your toes in the last position and your knees in the knee supports for a basic crawl, or you can place you toes in the first or second toe grip position and keep your knees off the knee supports for a proper bear crawl.

  • It has a one of a kind, high quality metal construction.
  • Its knee supports are padded to enhance comfort if you want to do the crawl with your knees .
  • Its dimensions are 86 by 19 by 22 inches.
  • Comes fitted with a fixed magnetic resistance that allows a coordinated bear crawl workout.
  • Holds a 260-pound weight capacity.
  • Stationary handlebars have pulse grips to monitor your heart rate. There’s a rebound knob to adjust the positioning of the arm rests to the stationary handles for maximum comfort.
  • The display console can be set to display stats like speed, time, count, total count, calories and pulse rate. If you prefer, you can set all these stats to display one after the other on a cycle using the scan feature.
  • There are transport wheels on the front of the tracks and a handle at the back to make it easy for you to drag and put away after you’re done.



  • Solid construction with a high weight capacity.
  • Useful exercise stats so that you can track and monitor your progress.
  • Has smooth magnetic resistance.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Can be used by people of any height.



  • Expensive.
  • Resistance cannot be adjusted so intensity of workout solely depends on the type of crawl you do and how fast or slow you go.
  • Cannot be folded for storage.
  • Does not let you lock the leg sliders in place to allow only your arms to work, so you can’t use it for traditional planks or pushups and only for crawling.
  • Might start to squeak if not cleaned regularly.


Who this is best for

This bear crawl exercise machine is perfect for all age groups that have the energy to engage in demanding exercises regularly. It is only for those who can do crawling in either the bear crawl position or standard crawl position and not for anyone looking to do planks or pushups, as the leg sliders don’t lock into place.


Back2Crawl Home Series Bear Crawl Horizontal Exercise Machine

Product description and Features

Back2Crawl Home Series Bear Crawl Horizontal Exercise MachineThis Back2Crawl workout machine makes horizontal bear crawl exercises at home a very inexpensive affair. While it is constructed to help strengthen and concentrate on all body muscles, you can choose to do some exercises that will only work on specific body muscles. The construction of the Home Series horizontal exercise machine helps reduce the amount of tension applied on the lower back and the neck area. It targets the legs, thighs, hips, central body, and abs.

  • It is designed to work with the two pairs of hooked resistance bands that are provided to enhance the coordination of limbs and tone your muscles. These are to be attached to the sliders and anchored to the front or back as needed. The user can choose a combination of bands to increase or decrease resistance on each leg slider or hand slider. The lower resistance band gives you a maximum resistance of 7.5 lbs, while the higher band gives up to 16.5 lbs. Use no bands, any of the single bands, or combine both bands to give you a total resistance of up to 24 lbs for each pair of sliders.
  • Designed to help users work on multiple muscle groups and provide lots of variety in workouts. All four sliders can move or be locked into position. The leg sliders allow you to either kneel with your feet pointing slightly upwards, or you can rest the balls of you feet into grips for a proper bear crawl. If you kneel, you can either crawl normally with the hands also moving or not, or you can lock the leg sliders in place and move only the hand sliders simultaneously back and forth to mimic the use of ab rollers for a wonderful ab workout. You can also lock the hand grips in place and only move your feet back and forth, either simultaneously or alternately.
  • The small display console can be set to display stats like strides/min, time, count and calories and you can scan through if you like.
  • The machine can be folded for storage but you have to remove the rear resistance bands first. Then you can lift the unit up from the back and drag it away even though there are no transport wheels.
  • Comes with the following dimensions: 81 by 9 by 19, which is a bit smaller than the professional series Back2Crawl
  • Holds a weight capacity of 242 pounds.
  • Detailed and quality metal construction.
  • Most of the machine components come assembled with minimal work for the user.



  • The metal built body increases the durability of the machine.
  • The resistance bands give you enough options for varying intensity.
  • It is highly versatile, making bear crawl and other exercises highly effective.
  • Provides excellent workout experience by targeting a variety of body parts and muscle groups, depending on your chosen positions and resistance.
  • Easy to use during workout especially when looking to do some stretches.



  • The resistance bands may give you a slightly awkward jerky feeling in the beginning until you get used to using it and control your movements better.
  • You have to remove the resistance bands everytime you want to fold it.
  • Very tall users won’t get a lot of extension.
  • Some parts are made of plastic.


Who this is best for

This bear crawl machine is best for those on a tight budget and want to get in a variety of exercises with one machine.


Back2Crawl Home Series Vs. Professional Series

While the Home Series is cheaper than the Professional Series and allows the user to do a few more types of exercise on it, the latter provides more resistance. The latter also supports a much higher weight capacity of 260 pounds, while the former only holds 242 pounds. The construction of the Professional Series is of higher quality and comes with well balanced magnetic resistance for coordination, while the Home Series has some imbalance or jerkiness issues that beginners may not like. Unlike the Home Series that limits the height of the user, the Professional Series allows taller people to do their bear crawl exercises on it.


How to Bear Crawl with a Back2Crawl Crawling Exercise Machine


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