Air Walker Exercise Machine Reviews

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If you want to increase the amount of cardio exercise you’re getting or even lose weight but find most equipment tough on your knees, then consider getting an air walker exerciser. They are a lot like elliptical machines, but instead of having lots of resistance levels and sometimes the ability to create an incline, air walkers work on one standard mode usually. How intense your workout is depends largely on you. Our air walker exercise machine reviews cover the best rated ones on the market and they span a wide range in terms of features and price.


Benefits of an Air Walker

Low impact cardio exercise is the big one, as the feet never leave the pedals, and for the most part you don’t push hard downwards against resistance. Because of this, “Is an air walker good for losing weight?” is a common question that customers have. The answer to this depends on how fast you move your legs. The faster to work, the more calories you burn, so you definitely can lose weight. You can also tone your muscles effectively by lengthening your stride as much as you can. Even your arms can get a decent workout because they move the handles of the air walker machine. If you find that you’d like to add resistance to your workouts just add ankle weights.

Air walkers are also among the cheapest forms of cardio equipment available. The lack of high end features and lots of moving parts or even a motor keeps it that way.

Air Walker Vs. Elliptical Machine

One thing to note is that the leg action on an air walker is not exactly like walking because the feet move in one arc backwards and forwards. If you want to simulate walking, you have to get an elliptical machine where the feet move forwards and upwards and downwards and back like in an elliptical motion. With an air walker, you can adjust your stride length as you work, while on an elliptical you can’t unless you adjust the it with a dial or manually before you start.

What to Look For

Other than durability, the most important thing you have to look at is whether the machine accommodates your height. If you’re very short the handles may be too high and if you’re very tall, you may not reach full stride. The Gazelle air walkers are the only ones designed for a very large range of user heights, while others may be better for short to average heights or average to tall.

If you’re short on floor space, you can get a foldable air walker that can be stored out of the way or in a closet.

Now it’s time to get to our air walker reviews so that you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

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ProductRating (out of 5)Comes with resistance?Stride lengthUser height rangeMax. User CapacityPrice
Gazelle Freestyle4.2nouser controllednone300 lbs$$$$
Gazelle Supreme4yesuser controllednone300 lbs$$$$$
ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride3.8noup to 36"4' 10" to 6'225 lbs$$$
ProGear Freedom 48" Stride Air Walker3.6yesup to 48"5' to 6'2"225 lbs$$
Sunny Air Walk Trainer4noup to 18"short to average height220 lbs$
Fitness Reality Air Walker X14no36"4'10" to 6'225 lbs$$$
Stamina Total Thigh Trainer3.4nounknownunknown250 lbs$$$


Full Range Air Walkers

Gazelle Freestyle Glider & Gazelle Supreme Glider

Gazelle Freestyle GliderThe Gazelle name has become almost synonymous with elliptical machines and there is a good reason for this, as they offer great value for money. Both offer a top-of-the-line suspension system which takes pressure off the joints and are designed to make 10 different exercises possible for a full-body workout which burns calories efficiently.

For people who do not have time to make it to the gym, these machines are a great way to get or stay in shape and both have weight limits set at 300 pounds. They also offer extra-wide, non-adjustable foot pedals with a non-skid surface to help keep the user safely in place.

Both come with an on-board console displaying speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Both also have grips with heart rate sensors.

Gazelle Supreme GliderThere are a few differences that customers should be aware of before making a purchase. The Gazelle Supreme Glider offers hydraulic resistance levels, while the Freestyle does not. It also has Soft Glide Technology in order to truly protect and cushion the joints and reduce the impact that the exercises have on the body. A patented pivot system allows each leg to move more naturally. It also appears to be easier to fold up and store when not in use and tends to be quieter than the Freestyle, which is great for those who watch television or listen to music while exercising.

For these reasons, many customers might prefer the Supreme Step to the Freestyle, though both are good products as a whole.

No product, no matter how good, is perfect. Customers tended to have a few complaints. One of them is the fact that the Freestyle tends to be squeaky when in use, though an application of WD 40 can often fix this problem up. Some customers also found that the Supreme Step machine had too much resistance (though the resistance can be removed).

Get the Gazelle Freestyle here & the Gazelle Supreme here.


ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride & ProGear Freedom 48 in. Stride Air Walker

ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air WalkerProgear also has a solid reputation for their exercise machines and both the 360 Dual Action Stride and the Freedom 48 inch Stride allow for a thorough workout. Both machines allow users to get a workout without stressing or putting pressure on their joints. Only the 360 Dual Action model allows for a full-body workout because of the dual action components that give the arms as well as the legs the exercise they need. Only the Freedom comes with 6 resistance levels for more intensity.

Customers also appear to appreciate the LCD screen which gives them vital workout information, like the step count, the number of calories burned, the time and distance of the exercise session, and the user’s heart rate through pulse sensors. Both machines have a 225 weight limit and have similar oversized, ribbed foot pedals that are non-adjustable but secure.

ProGear Freedom 48 in. Stride Air WalkerAs with the Gazelle products, there are some differences between the Progear air walker machines. One obvious difference is that the 360 Dual Action allows for a 36-inch range of motion while the Freedom has a generous 48-inches. Shorter people will like the former, while the later caters better to taller people.

However, the Dual Action name tells you that you also get moving arms for an upper body workout along with your legs. The “360” in the name is for the extra range of motion that typical air walkers don’t provide, i.e. moving the legs out and to the side, either together or one by one to work the hamstring and groin muscles. The Freedom model is good for those who find it tricky to maintain their balance, especially if you use the full 48″ stride length and resistance levels. This is because it comes with a padded and adjustable abdominal pad that you can lean on while working out.

Some customers complained that the lack of resistance in the 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker makes it harder to get a challenging workout. However, if you want added resistance with this model, use resistance bands or ankle weights.

Other customers who purchased the Freedom found that, though it was capable of folding in two, it is not an easy process as several knobs have to be removed from the machine in order to get it into a folding position. Several customers have complained that the Freedom has a tendency to squeak (though a touch of WD-40 can remedy this). Though these might be minor points, some customers might be happier with the Dual Action Air Walker since it gives a total body workout.

Get the ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride here and the ProGear Freedom 48″ Stride Air Walker here.


Compact Air Walker

Sunny Air Walk Trainer

Sunny Air Walk TrainerThere is no doubt that the Sunny Air Walk Trainer is the most competitively priced machine and will certainly save you some money in the short run, but low cost can sometimes mean low value. There are no adjustments available for resistance levels and it only supports up to 220 pounds. Luckily, in the case of this machine, customers are satisfied with the purchase.

It does have dual action arms, and for those who feel unstable while working out, there’s a padded abdominal pad to lean on. Its small computer display provides time, step count, total distance and calories burned.

High marks for this product went to its small space usage and ease of set up. Many people were happy that it is a smaller product and comes with specific tools needed to assemble it, rather than relying on tools around the house. Since it is small in size, it also is quiet when used. However, customers also point out that this is a product that is meant for light workouts.

Get the Sunny Air Walk Trainer here.


Fitness Reality Dual Action / Multi-Direction Air Walker X1 with Heart Pulse Sensors

Fitness Reality Dual Action Multi-Direction Air Walker X1There are many aspects of this product that can make it attractive for looking for a great workout right in the comfort of their own homes. For one thing, its design allows for a speed walking kind of leg action which can help the user burn more calories and lose more weight. Secondly, the design of the machine is similar to the ProGear 360 Dual Action above and allows the user to move their legs in a backwards, forwards, or side-to-side motion. This gives the user more freedom to choose how they want to exercise. The weight limit is 225 pounds.

There are other features that customers who have used this machine find attractive: it is extremely quiet, so that music or other entertainment can be enjoyed while working out. It also features an easy-to-read LCD screen with important workout information like calories burned, as well the number of steps and the distance. The dual action also helps to work out the arms as well as the legs and gives a better overall workout, and this is helped by the comfortable, secure, no-slip pedals.

If you only want to do a lower body workout or do the side-to-side leg motion, you can let go of the moving arms and keep your balance by holding on to the pair of smaller stationary arms. This air walker is not suitable for those over 6′ tall but short people will love it.

There were a few customers who were unhappy the fact that this product is awkward to fold up and store, though it is possible to do so.

Get the Fitness Reality Air Walker X1 here.


Stamina Total Thigh Trainer

Stamina Total Thigh TrainerFor people who are wanting to sculpt and shape their legs, the Stamina Total Thigh Trainer is a great bet. The machine is designed to provide a great lower-body workout while still protecting the joints from the damage that some exercises can inflict. You have a full range of motion, as your legs can move back and forth, side to side and diagonally away from each other. However, there are no moving arms; only stationary handles to keep your balance.

The weight limit is slightly more generous than some machines in this category at 250 pounds. The monitor displays all the same basic fitness metrics found on the other air walk trainers.

Customers give good reviews to the user-friendly LCD screen and to the fact that it is easy to install as well as being easily folded up when not in use. And while some users find the lack of resistance an issue, others find that they can make the workout more challenging by simply repositioning their legs so that they are further apart. Repositioning is made easier by the nonskid surface of the foot pedals.

The only other problem that some customers experienced was a squeaking noise when in use, but others reported that their machine was quite quiet. However, by and large, the reviews on this have been positive and customers are happy with the fact that they are able to get a good and efficient workout while protecting their joints.

Get the Stamina Total Thigh Trainer here.

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