Welcome to Power My Gym!

We’re passionate about cardio exercise and strength training but live very busy lives while working from home. For years we kept up our fitness routines in the neighborhood gym but it got harder to carve out the time to do it on a regular basis when we had our kid and work started getting more demanding. We soon realized the need for a more flexible schedule and a home gym to be able to stay fit and healthy in the long term.

So when we moved home a few years ago we knew that one of our top requirements for the house was to have enough space for a personal gym so that we could set it up to our specific needs and have it right there to use whenever we wanted. No more waking up an extra half an hour early to get to the gym and back. We could steal 20 minutes here or 45 minutes there, had the privacy that we love, and there was no sharing of equipment except for between the two of us.

We built our gym with a budget in mind and chose the equipment thoughtfully, so that’s why we want to show you how to build a home gym.

This website will help you understand your needs better to create attainable fitness goals. We answer common fitness questions, review products and suggest best buys based on your needs and budget. Through intensive research and our own experience, we’ll cover common as well as lesser known fitness equipment and accessories and we’ll give you our personal point of view as well as take into account countless reviews from past brand customers.

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you want to reach out to us personally, you can use our contact form.