2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike Reviews

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ProGear 400LS 2 Dual Trainer Elliptical & Exercise BikeBuilding a gym at home is challenging. Not only can it become a costly affair, but most people have space restraints. However, you can cut down on both these issues if you get hybrid fitness machines wherever possible. It also solves the problem of deciding between two types of equipment. Why choose when you can get the benefits of both? A dual trainer elliptical and bike is one such hybrid to consider, and surprisingly, these machines are not expensive! Our 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike reviews cover 6 models that are good for home use, so you should be able to pick one that’s best for you.

A 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer and exercise bike takes the footplates and moving arms of an elliptical, and the seat and flywheel from an upright exercise bike to make one machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space at home. You can do the elliptical portion of your workout standing up and sit down and work just your legs when you want to. A few models allow you to reach the moving handlebars even when seated. The key to making this type of machine a good buy is that the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable so that you have good posture when you use either of the functions.

You should note, however, that you do have to make some compromises with an exercise bike and elliptical combo. You won’t find all the high end features that are there on many elliptical machines. And because of the way a 2 in 1 has to be built, the stride will be slightly different from that of a regular elliptical. On the bike side of things, you can say that this piece of equipment is really an elliptical machine with seat. You won’t get bike pedals with straps, but rather footplates so that you can seamlessly change from standing up to sitting down and vice versa without stopping. While most hybrids also come with a pair of stationary handlebars to hold on to when you’re seated, a few might only have the moving bars. In this case the user should be sure that he or she will feel stable on the seat while pedaling if there’s nothing else to hold onto. If you think that you’re better off getting two separate machines for your fitness, here are some good compact ellipticals and some good upright exercise bikes for the home.

While you can change resistance for both functions, you probably won’t be able to do it mid workout, but you can increase the intensity of your workout by striding or pedaling faster.

Even with all the above limitations, if you get the best 2 in 1 elliptical and bike that you can buy, you can get a very good upper and lower body cardio workout from the comfort of your own home and without breaking the bank. The following 2 in 1 elliptical and bike reviews should make it easy for you to choose one.



Best 2 in 1 Exercise Bike and Cross Trainer Options

ProductRating (out of 5)Drive and FlywheelResistanceProgramsSizePrice
Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Dual Trainer3.9belt and steelfriction brakenone46" L x 27.5" W x 54" H$$$
Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat3.6chain and fanfriction brakenone48" L x 28.5" W x 59.5" H$
Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike3.5belt and steelmagnetic1247" L x 28.5" W x 62.5" H$$$
ProGear 400LS 2 Dual Trainer Elliptical & Exercise Bike3.3belt and fanfriction brakenone40" L x 22" W x 62" H$$$
Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine3.8belt and fanfriction brakenone36’’ L x 26.4’’ W x 64’’ H$$
Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer3.9belt and fanfriction brakenone43.5” L x 26” W x 61” H$$


Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Dual Trainer (BRD2800)

Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Dual TrainerFirst on the list is the Body Rider BRD2800 Dual Trainer. For those of you who are shopping on a tight budget, this modestly-priced option gives a great workout as both a bike and an elliptical. Riders can stride forward and backward to work all of the muscles in the leg. Adjusting the tension requires a simple twist of a knob, and riders can create a custom fit by moving the seat horizontally and vertically. Those under 6′ in height can easily adjust the settings to allow themselves to stand and maneuver. Additionally, there is a generous weight limit of 250 pounds, making this quite the accommodating trainer.

The Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Dual Trainer offers a direct-drive steel-shell flywheel that weighs 15 pounds. This lightweight flywheel is paired with a nylon belt, which offers a stable and smooth ride quality. The Body Rider Deluxe comes with a built-in monitor that shows your speed, ride time, distance, and how many calories you have burned. The stride length is from 6 to 12 inches, which is quite short, but this is because the mechanism works a lot like bike pedals with less of an elliptical path and more circular rotation.

While you can get a great workout when using it as an elliptical or bike, one of the biggest drawbacks to the Body Rider Deluxe is that you can use the moving elliptical handles while standing, but the stationary handles are a bit tough to reach while seated. Also, the bolts need to be re-tightened every few days, and multiple riders report experiencing loud noises after just a few months of use. Because of this, the pedals seem to quickly become misaligned, which can cause them to rub a hole into the side of the plastic. Overall, riders will need to be diligent in keeping an eye on the bolts and pedal alignment.

Click here for the Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Dual Trainer.


Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with SeatNext on the list is the Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat. This 2-in-1 machine broadens your workout with its dual-training capabilities. Priced for those who are on a budget, the Body Rider BRD2000 is anything but your average budget bike. Riders get a thorough yet low-impact workout from the Body Rider BRD2000, and this machine works well for beginners. The seat does not get in the way when you’re working out standing up and is relatively comfortable to sit in when biking.

This 2-in-1 dual trainer features a chain driven high-momentum fan blade flywheel that blows a slight breeze onto you while you are exercising on the machine. The BRD2000 also comes equipped with an easy-to-read digital console, a seat that is both vertically and horizontally adjustable, an easy-to-use tension adjustment knob, and handy built-in wheel transportation.

The Body Rider BRD2000 is designed for those of smaller builds. While this isn’t a problem for most women, men who are even 5’8″ or who weigh over 150 pounds might have trouble feeling steady and secure on this machine. However, the stated weight limit is 250 pounds and has been able to accommodate heavier individuals. The only real difficulty you might encounter is in trying to set the bike up since it is a little bit bulky. There are also various nuts and bolts that you have to make sure are used correctly and tightened properly or you may here a grinding noise emanating from somewhere inside.

Click here for the Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat.


Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike

Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise BikeSlightly more expensive but still within a reasonable price range for most people is the Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike. The bike is easy to assemble and provides plenty of resistance once you hop on and work your way up to the hardest setting. If you’re looking for an in-home 2-in-1 that won’t interrupt your favorite television program or background music, then the Body Champ might be the right machine for you. The Body Champ’s advanced magnetic resistance system delivers a powerful performance that is also quiet and smooth.

The Body Champ 2-in-1 features a vertically and horizontally adjustable seat that provides maximum comfort for riders weighing up to 250 pounds. The machine has a 14-inch stride length with pedals that move bidirectionally, and the LCD console has over 12 preset workout options to choose from, including preset training circuits and heart rate-based programs. This is the only elliptical and exercise bike combo on this list that does come with these advanced features so it’s a good value option.

If you are purchasing this 2-in-1 for home use, be prepared for it to take up a little bit of room. It does not fold flat for easy storage and it is heavy to move since the machine weighs in at about 85 pounds. However, its slim upright design makes it somewhat easy to stash in an unused corner of a room. Another thing to note is that the unit can seem quite wobbly for heavier users when they’re using it as an elliptical. This is because the stabilizers are a bit too narrow.

Click here for the Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike.


ProGear 400LS 2 Dual Trainer Elliptical & Exercise Bike with Pulse Sensor

ProGear 400LS 2 Dual Trainer Elliptical & Exercise Bike with Pulse SensorA slightly more lightweight option is the ProGear 400LS 2 Dual Trainer Elliptical & Exercise Bike with Pulse Sensor. If you live in an apartment or home with minimal storage space, the ProGear 400LS is a practical option. This 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & bike weighs in at a very reasonable 77 pounds and has transportation wheels that make moving and storing the machine rather simple. The bike and elliptical both give a hard workout even within the time-frame of half an hour.

Once your ProGear 400LS is assembled, you can enjoy its range of features that will provide you with an intense workout. The seat is large and well-cushioned and can be adjusted in all directions, and there is a water bottle holder available. Also, the stationary arms come with pulse sensors, which will help you keep track of your heart rate as you ride the bike. The dual-action workout arms have a solid grip and give an excellent upper body workout. Additionally, the pedals are designed to be slip-resistant and are fitted for most foot sizes. The stride length is 14″ and you can pedal or stride forwards as well as backwards.

The ride quality is exceptional once you get the bike pieced together. Most customers are able to get the machine put together in under 4 hours when following the given instructions. If an instructional manual does not come with your package, you will have a tough time putting it together. The instructional manual itself can be confusing, so it is best to go by the pictures instead of the written directions. When you first try it out, you may feel like even the lowest resistance setting is too tough. If this is the case, there is a bolt that needs to be loosened a bit to get optimal adjustment by turning the resistance knob.

Click here for the ProGear 400LS 2 Dual Trainer Elliptical & Exercise Bike.


Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine

Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer MachineIf you can only justify spending about $100 on a machine, the Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine Exercise Workout Home Gym is a well-loved elliptical trainer with seat that makes for a great addition to a home gym. Unlike other 2-in-1 machines, the Goplus is easy to set up and use. Set-up only takes about an hour, and the directions are clear. Those with back and hip pain can benefit from the gentle-impact workout the Goplus gives. The elliptical, however, works even better than the bike.

For only $100, this 2-in-1 packs in a lot of features found on more expensive models. The Goplus has a 250-pound weight capacity and has an easy-to-use top-down resistance system that includes a felt brake pad. The Goplus has an LCD monitor that shows time duration, speed, distance, and calories burned. the stationary handlebars in the center are there for when you don’t want to move your arms and for measuring your heart rate with the pulse grips.

One of the most notable drawbacks is that the seat does not have a ton of padding and might require you to buy an extra seat cushion or pad to put over it for added comfort. Also, those who are about 5’6″ or shorter will have trouble reaching the moving handles since the bike seat is located pretty far back on the Goplus. The bolts on the handlebars tend to loosen after a few uses so you’ll have to keep tightening them often.

Click here for the Goplus 2 IN 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine.


Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer

Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual TrainerLast, but certainly not least, we have the Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer. If you are looking for something that will give a good low-impact workout that is easy on the ankles and joints, this 2-in-1 machine is a modestly-priced option worth considering. The machine provides a lot of resistance, which can easily be adjusted with the simple turn of a knob. Instructions for setting the Exerpeutic GOLD up are clear and easy for most people to follow since all parts are wrapped and labeled.

The Exerpeutic GOLD is a durable and sturdy machine that packs in a good amount of comfort with its extra-wide, four-way-adjustable seat. The LCD monitor is easy to read when you are seated in a cycling position. The reinforced crank system provides unceasing momentum, which lends to a fluid workout. The pedals, which can go forward and backward, are wide enough for most feet and are constructed with a ribbed dot design to prevent feet from slipping.

Unlike some of the other machines mentioned on this list, the Exerpeutic GOLD has a rather short stride. This can make the ride somewhat uncomfortable for those who have longer legs. However, the poles are placed at a relatively reasonable distance and should not be problematic for those who have shorter arms. If you don’t want to exercise your arms you’re out of luck, as there are no stationary bars to hold on to.

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